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Top 5 Best Fun Things To Do At Night Near Mesa, Arizona

Things To Do At Night Near Mesa, Arizona

Welcome to Mesa, Arizona's vibrant and diverse entertainment scene, where laughter, dance, and craft beverages converge to create an unforgettable experience. In the heart of this dynamic city, the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre (NCT) stands as a beacon of laughter, offering interactive improv comedy shows that promise spontaneity and engagement. 

As we explore Mesa's cultural offerings, journey with us through the rich tapestry of craft brewing at Oro Brewing Company, the clean and quick-witted humor of JesterZ Improv, the rhythmic joy of Scootin' Boots Dance Hall, and the laid-back charm of Tipsy Cactus TapRoom & Bottle Shop. Each venue has a unique flavor, contributing to the diverse and lively entertainment landscape that defines Mesa as a must-visit destination.

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Neighborhood Comedy Theatre

The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre (NCT) offers an unparalleled comedy experience with its improv comedy shows that are spontaneous and interactive and uniquely tailored to the audience's preferences. 

Attendees become an integral part of the show, shouting suggestions, selecting their favorite comics, and determining the funniest team of comedians, ensuring that no two performances are the same. 

The Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm Improv Comedy shows are family-friendly and suitable for all ages, making them ideal for diverse audiences. The NCT provides a perfect blend of laughter and relaxation for those seeking nighttime entertainment. 

Beyond its regular weekly shows, NCT extends its comedic prowess to corporate entertainment events and private shows throughout the Valley and globally, establishing itself as a versatile and entertaining comedy destination for both day and night entertainment.

Oro Brewing Company 

Step into the rich tapestry of craft brewing at Oro Brewing Company, where passion and tradition converge to create a remarkable beer experience. Located in a carefully preserved early 1900s adobe building in Historic Downtown Mesa, this locally owned and operated small-batch brewery is a haven for those seeking distinctive handcrafted ales and lagers. 

Oro Brewing Company has garnered acclaim for its commitment to brewing excellence, consistently producing award-winning brews that captivate the palate. The taproom, adorned with historic charm, invites guests to enjoy the fruits of meticulous craftsmanship in a relaxed and sociable setting. 

Whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Oro Brewing Company offers a taste of local brewing mastery in a unique and inviting environment.

Jester'Z Improv Comedy

JesterZ Improv, recognized as the #1 Clean Comedy Club since 2001, promises a night of laughter and spontaneity with its quick-witted, fast-paced improv comedy shows suitable for all ages. 

Serving the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert areas with weekly performances, JesterZ brings a unique blend of humor without the need for scripts. Guests can enjoy dinner alongside the entertainment, making it a complete night out. For those eager to step onto the stage, JesterZ offers weekly improv classes, combining communication, confidence-building, and creativity. 

The laughter doesn't stop there; JesterZ also specializes in Corporate Entertainment Services, tailoring hilarious shows for company events, industry gatherings, team building, and keynote speaking. Led by owner and comedian Jef Rawls, JesterZ Improv guarantees an unforgettable and customized comedy experience for any occasion.

Scootin' Boots Dance Hall

Scootin' Boots Dance Hall in Mesa beckons dance enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of rhythm and movement. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a novice, our classes accommodate all skill levels, promising an enjoyable learning experience. 

Their ballrooms, ideal for private and group lessons, provide the perfect backdrop for refining your dance skills during open dancing sessions. The vibrant ambiance and exceptional facilities at Scootin' Boots Dance Hall create an inviting stage for unforgettable gatherings where patrons can showcase their dance moves and uplift their spirits. 

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music, laughter, and dance at Scootin' Boots Dance Hall!

Tipsy Cactus TapRoom & Bottle Shop

Tipsy Cactus is a locally owned bar in the Plaza de Fiesta shopping center in Mesa, AZ, providing a vibrant and welcoming space for beer and wine enthusiasts. With an ever-changing selection of craft beers and various wines, Tipsy Cactus doubles as a bottle shop, allowing patrons to enjoy their favorite beverages in-house or conveniently take them home. 

While not serving food directly, the bar collaborates with local food trucks to offer daily culinary delights, ensuring guests a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking for a laid-back place to unwind or seeking unique craft beverages, Tipsy Cactus invites you to savor the flavors of Mesa's local bar scene.

Top 5 Best Fun Things To Do At Night Near Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona, offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene that promises unforgettable experiences for visitors and locals alike. From the loud laughter and spontaneity at the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre (NCT) to the rich tapestry of craft brewing at Oro Brewing Company, the quick-witted humor of JesterZ Improv, the rhythmic joy of Scootin' Boots Dance Hall, and the laid-back charm of Tipsy Cactus TapRoom & Bottle Shop, Mesa's entertainment options are as diverse as they are entertaining. Whether you're seeking laughter, rhythm, or a taste of local craft beverages, Mesa's night scene has something to offer for everyone. So, embrace the evening and create lasting memories in this dynamic city.

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