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Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

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What Your Getting With Our WordPress Speed Service

Improve your website loading time by using industry-standard best practices and our Page Speed Optimization Service. Our WordPress experts will optimize your website to leverage your hosting provider and coding to speed up WordPress and achieve maximum performance. The resulting lower page file size, DNS lookups, and requests from the server, the faster the content is delivered.

  • Optimize Images already on your site
  • Set up image optimization tools for future image uploads
  • Set up lazy loading so images and video load faster
  • Activate server GZip Compression
  • Preload Google Fonts
  • Fix bad request instances
  • Check for malware and malware removal
  • Database cleanup and optimization, ensure sites running schedules website performance cleanups
  • HTTPS and mixed content optimization
  • Conduct plugin audit to identify slow plugins
  • Minify and/or Combine CSS for super fast template loading
  • Minify Javascript for significantly improved functionality
  • Combine third party JavaScript
  • HTML Minification
  • Enable compression
  • Enable server caching for faster load time for new visitors
  • Set up and leverage Browser caching premium plugins for a faster loading time
  • Set up Pre-Fetch technology via an appropriate plugin
  • Set up Pre-Render technology via an appropriate plugin
  • Examine hosting provider settings, primarily for PHP updates
  • Actionable Advice for Further Improvement, including CDN suggestions.
  • Why Do You Need To Optimize Your Site For Speed?

Buyers Take Notice:

We use ( for ALL of our testing.  The stats of your website are measured there before we start and after we are done.  We DO NOT use PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, GTMetrix, Core Web Vitals (beyond the WPT integration) so be advised now, we don't care what those scores are before we start or after we are done with your website.  Plus they all lie anyway.

WP Engine removes optimization plugins from their servers, IF YOU ORDER YOU NEED TO PREINSTALL WP ROCKET OR ANOTHER APPROVED plugin first.  We won't refund you if you don't and we end up installing one they decide shouldn't be there.
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