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Bringing over 15 years of digital marketing and SEO professional experience to bare, Digitaleer has mastered the processes to start a project for website design, website development, site audits, search engine optimization (SEO), and PPC management to take any business, large or small, to the next level.
The websites we make are SEO optimized
Our process of website development is proven and effective
Strong focus on business requirements and ROI
No compromise on quality of work
We're quick to respond to the client's needs
Delivering services and solutions right for your business
We work to boost brands online presence, people are looking for your business online, we help them find you.
Our web developers are experienced and we build responsive websites that auto-adapt to device screens
Extensive project management experience with monthly reports


Digital Marketing Projects

Digital Marketing has evolved as a marketing company and top seo company, and continues to do so, at an alarming pace.  Being able to keep up with those changes for the success of our clients is something that we take pride in.  Here are some projects that we've worked on for our own agency and other agencies as part of their teams!
  • Dentistry SEO
    Dr. O'Leary came to us with an already established practice that was centrally located with the city of Olympia. Her task to us was to design and develop a new website then provide a content writing and SEO campaign to help rank the site better.
    New Website Design and Development.
    Increased Rankings in Local Search.
    Continued support as needed.
  • Rehab SEO
    Ws Logo
    Helping this addiction treatment center launch 33 new inpatient and outpatient offices throughout central Florida by providing local SEO services resulting in multiple page 1 and top 3 rankings generating more patient admits for their primary inpatient treatment centers based in Fort Myers and Tampa Florida.
    Developed local search engine marketing
    Consolidated brand across hundreds of platforms
    Increased lead generation volume
  • Locksmith SEO
    Zip Locksmith Logo
    Locksmiths online is a highly competitive market looking for leads 24/7 for all types of services.  We worked with Zip Locksmith to get their website ranked and refine their brand reach across multiple states and in different service areas using both on page and off page SEO techniques.
    Designed new modern web design and onpage SEO
    Ranked in multiple cities for more Google searches
    Entered new markets to increase business growth
  • Mobile App SEO
    ZShot Logo
    Mobile applications owners are reaching beyond app stores to put their businesses in front of web search engine users.  We helped the owner develop quality content and conversion rate optimization changes well within their marketing budget.
    Building brand entity on the web with offpage SEO
    Increasing app downloads for iOS and Android
    Content marketing strategy to reach new users
  • Home Services SEO
    Find Us Now
    Developed with the goal of providing a new solution for local service contractors. Find Us is a new competitor for the likes of Home Advisor and Angies List that is approaching lead generation in a new way.
    Developed SEO templates for 70+ services
    Coordinated semantic search and link building strategy 
    Developed plan with the goal of indexing 8mil pages

Our Online Marketing Services

Web Design
Pay Per Click Management

Web Design 

You need a website that reflects well upon your business's products or services AND one that helps your business grow via conversion rate optimization.

Your website is the online representation of your brand and company. Regardless if you are looking for a site that supplements your primary source of revenue or you are looking to create a new e-commerce based experience, your web design and its value can either increase site conversions or not. A site's design and sites content reflects the people behind it and the quality of their work.  So to create a reputable online reputation, a professional design can not be ignored.

Popular Industries

Law Firms
Cosmetic Surgery 
Home Services
Web Design Agency

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page for quality search terms with traffic volume, the more visitors the website will receive from the search engine's users. SEO targets different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines simultaneously.

Popular Industries

Law Firm SEO
Dentist SEO
Plastic Surgery SEO
Rehab SEO
Home Services SEO
Chiropractic SEO
SEO Company

Pay Per Click Marketing

Power high-quality traffic on your website, and watch your sales blast off. Per day, there are more than 3 billion searches by people seeking answers and solutions to their problems. A percentage of those searches are problems solved by your product or service. You will attract new customers to your company immediately by using our PPC management services.

Paid search ads will automatically push traffic to your website upon setup. In comparison to organic search results, you'll immediately be on Google's front page. Yet you pay for your search ads per click. It's important to ensure you pay for translating clicks into conversions. Moreover, it's even more critical that your cost per conversion is not higher than your customers' value.

Popular Industries

Law Firms
Plastic Surgery
Home Services
PPC Management Company


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Based on 32 reviews
As far as I'm concerned, Clint is the only Phoenix SEO you should consider working with.He really gets digital marketing, and his SEO expertise is beyond compare. If you're looking for an SEO expert in the Phoenix area you should definitely get in touch.
Clint and team at Digitaleer are awesome, the absolute best of the best at SEO and web design. Nobody has had success getting my stuff to rank like Digitaleer.
Clint is a top seo expert in the industry. He's also very responsive if you ask a question and you know the answer is backed by his extensive knowledge and seo tested. Clint has become the favorite emcee at numerous search engine optimization conferences and it's always great to see him in person.
Digitaleer Phoenix SEO is led by Clint Butler, one of the most knowledgeable and committed SEOs in the country. His involvement in teaching and coaching other SEOs shows his leadership and collaboration. Highly recommended!
Clint is one of the most knowledgeable SEO experts you will ever come across in online marketing. His years of Google Search Marketing experience and internet marketing make him a true guru in the search engine optimization industry!
Recently, I had the pleasure of attending SEO Spring Training, a pivotal moment that led me to discover Clint from Digitaleer, a true phoenix in the realm of SEO expertise. It’s rare to encounter someone who embodies the essence of a subject matter as thoroughly as Clint does with Phoenix SEO. His presentation wasn’t just informative; it was a masterclass that showcased why he’s the go-to Phoenix SEO expert.Clint’s approach to Phoenix SEO is both methodical and innovative, demonstrating an unparalleled depth of knowledge. His ability to dissect complex SEO challenges and transform them into actionable strategies is nothing short of remarkable. For anyone navigating the intricate landscape of digital marketing in Phoenix, Clint offers clarity, direction, and insightful solutions that are directly applicable to achieving substantial online growth.What makes Digitaleer stand out in the saturated field of digital marketing companies is not just their expertise in Phoenix SEO but their commitment to leveraging this knowledge for tangible client success. Clint’s presentation was packed with real-world examples of how Digitaleer has propelled businesses to the top of search engine rankings, illustrating their prowess in optimizing digital footprints effectively.The atmosphere during Clint’s talk was charged with enthusiasm, as attendees were captivated by his strategic insights into Phoenix SEO. It was evident that everyone present was eager to apply Clint’s teachings to their own digital strategies. His passion for SEO and dedication to helping businesses flourish online made it clear why Digitaleer is synonymous with SEO success in Phoenix.In conclusion, my experience hearing Clint speak at SEO Spring Training was transformative, solidifying my view of Digitaleer as the authority on Phoenix SEO. Their strategic approach goes beyond mere rankings, focusing on achieving sustained online visibility and growth for businesses. For anyone serious about dominating the Phoenix digital landscape, Clint and Digitaleer are indispensable resources, offering the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of SEO with confidence.
Outstanding Phoenix SEO services by Clint and his team. They really know what works. I highly recommend Digitaleer.
Phoenix SEO by Clint is awesome! Always a pleasure working with him and the team.
I really appreciate the excellent SEO knowledge and services at Digitaleer. They deliver good results.
Not only did Clint personally ensure our website shot up the rankings, but his approach was super friendly and tailored to our unique needs. He's got this incredible knack for breaking down the complex SEO world into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces. Thanks to Clint, our online visibility has skyrocketed, and we're reaching more of our target audience than we ever thought possible. If you're on the fence about who to trust with your SEO, look no further. Clint's your go-to guy!"
Great work and training on seo, and the real secrets behind being on page one of Google. Definitely recommended.
One of the best Phoenix SEO experts in the area. If you need SEO help, check him out. 💪
Clinton and his team are amazing. His presentation today was incredible. Great job Team Digitaleer is a great web design company.
Clint’s a great SEO in Phoenix. Not least because he uses every seo tool that has an impact and tests ideas all the time.
Phenomenal team if you are looking for Phoenix SEO - get in touch with them. They are the real deal.
Love working with Clint on our Phoenix SEO needs
We cannot recommend Clint enough — highly professional seo and web development. Work with him to get results!
Great SEO company in phoenix! Great conference too!
Best SEO in phoenix I would say
Clint from Digitaleer is a true professional SEO. Very experienced and has controlled SEO tests to back up his methods. I booked a 1 hour consulting call with him and it was worth every penny for the great SEO advice I received on my site.
When Clint speaks, I listen
Clint is the macgyver of SEO, he always has solution to a problem and very helpful in all manners digital 👍
I've followed Clint on Digitaleer, his SEO This Week show, and through the S.I.A. for years. He is one of the brightest minds in SEO. He's honest too. I highly recommend him.
One of the best all round SEO guys, SEO This Week is a great overview with some added detail just at the right points. Schema course too! Clint has helped me a lot and is someone I would highly recommend for SEO Services.
Clint is an overall SEO legend. He knows every aspect of the industry including technical SEO, link building, on-page optimization, schema optimization, and everything else under the sun. I have learned a lot from clint over the years and having nothing but great things to say. If you're looking for the top SEO expert that will get the job, Clint's your man!
Thank you to Digitaleer and Clint Butler for the SEO services and show. I run my own digital marketing agency and frequently rely on Clint's SEO expertise. If other SEO agencies trust Clint, you as a client can too.
Clint Butler is amazing. I refer clients to him all the time.
Clint and his team are just plain amazing. They have helped me and my business more than I can possibly explain. Since I met Clint and started working with him, my business has accelerated in ways I never thought possible. Even better, Clint is a great guy to work with. He's patient, kind, respectful and extremely honest. Digitaleer is the absolute best possible SEO, website and digital marketing company in the entire Yuma and Phoenix area, and possibly the entire state of Arizona. In fact, Clint is one of the best SEO experts in the world.If you wan't to see for yourself just how much Clint knows, check out his show "SEO This Week" on Youtube, which is close to its 200th episode. Or catch an episode of SEO Fight Club on Youtube. If you want to increase your search engine rankings, optimize your website, and grow your business, choosing Clint and his team at Digitaleer is a no-brainer. I couldn't possibly recommend any company and their leader more.
Great seo service, very professional and gets results
Clint Butler with Digitaleer is the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE SEO I have ever had the privilege to work with! If you want rankings, (and who doesn't) I would highly recommend Digitaleer!Clint is a leader in the SEO industry and is one of the few that actually do tests to reverse engineer Google. He runs the SEO Intelligence Agency and also delivers SEO news each week to a very large audience with his show "This Week In SEO" on YouTube and podcast.In my humble opinion, you couldn't have a better SEO on your side! Your competition will be demolished!
The team at Digitaleer are truly SEO experts. Clint was able to explain the complex SEO plan in a way that makes sense to us. We continue to Trust them for marketing our company online.
Very knowledgeable about the industry and trends. I would trust Digitaleer with any and all of my digital marketing needs. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the value you’ve provided over the years.
This guys are the real deal when you want to do SEO or set up a professional looking site... I have worked with them and would want to work with them in the future...
Top quality services. Very easy to work and communicate with and provided great results.
Clint knows his stuff! Good quality & great to work with. I would highly recommend talking to Digitaleer.
Clint has been a great teacher - an extremely valuable resource and a great, helpful person
Digital marketing agency in Phoenix has it going on!!This guys provides so much value in his forums and online presentations, I have to give him 5 star review!Do yourself a favor and if you are looking at this review l, DO IT !Travis C. From Portland
Awesome company with topnotch SEO services! It is my pleasure and honor to highly recommend them for continuously providing spectacular results. Local businesses out there, look no further, this one here is the real deal!
I've been following Clint for over 5 years and the information he teaches has been gold when I apply it to my own businesses and clients. I trust his strategies when it comes to SEO. He has a proven track record that is tested and documented with real world examples.
I can’t say enough good about Clint and his team, this guy eats sleeps and dinks SEO and is our go to for technical issues we run into with our agency.
I'm fairly decent with SEO, and I know quite a bit about it. That being said, Clint from Digitaleer is one of a hand full of people I (honestly) go to for advice when I'm stuck on something, want advice, or next steps.If you have any SEO or marketing needs, you really can't go wrong with Digitaleer.
This guy is the most genuine and real internet guru you will find. I know having followed him and learned from him that he is not blowing smoke-- He is working hard to find you the best solution possible.
Contacted Mr Clint from Digitaleer to make some SEO and OnPage SEO on my company's website. He did a great job, quickly saw the results. Will contact him again for sure for a new website. Have to be on page 1 for sure. Thank you Digitaleer
Very knowledgeable about their industry. I highly recommend them.
If you are looking for solid SEO, Clint is a great option. He really knows his stuff and can help your business rank better and get more business.
Superb provider of Seo Services. Digitaleer is top notch - highly recommend them for your internet marketing needs
The folks at Digitaleer know their stuff and are able to help improve the bottom line of most any business. They can speak in simple language and so that you understand the processes they will deploy and then you see results from their assistance. If you've ever wondered if you could expand your profits, talk to these guys about getting their help! You'll thank me later. Great company!
I got a great value out of him. Helped me out with different things and really quick to respond. Highly recommended.
From start to finish Digitaleer has done an amazing job for us. It started with launching our new website and then they got us to the top of Google for all sorts of keywords related to our business. We'll continue to recommend to everyone we know and look forward to working with them for a long time. Highly recommend!
When I was searching for a digital marketing firm in Phoenix, many of my friends recommended Clint Butler at Digitaleer. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the industry. He thoroughly and completely answered all of my questions, which made me even more comfortable with my decision to hire him. I can highly recommend his digital marketing services in Phoenix or anywhere else in the United States.
I met Client last year at SEO Rockstars in Las Vegas. He and the guys at SEO Fight Club have been invaluable in helping me further my career and help my client's get a positive ROI on their SEO campaigns. I highly recommend Clint for any help you need with SEO.
Forest-forests globally chaining enterprises.Over hundreds Millions Corporate chained trades associate
So glad that I took the chance of hiring Digitaleer to do a speed enhancement for our website. I'm a digital marketer and went through some tutorials on how to speed up a site. I'm certain I followed the instructions that I found correctly, but the results were mixed.In only two days after hiring Digitaleer our page load speed went from 5 seconds down to 2 seconds, and as low as .994 miliseconds. That will reduce the amount of traffic that bounces from our site significantly. Highly recommended! Even if you THINK you know what you're doing, hire Digitaleer to be the real experts that they are.I'm looking forward to working with Digitaleer again on my client's sites.
I am currently working with Digitaleer for my companies SEO and so far I have had a great experience working with Clint. He's always able to answer my questions and I feel like we're always on the same page. Glad to have found him and will continue to work with him for as long as I need to.
Clint provided me with keyword research on multiple terms and the quality of information was amazing. I have never seen a service that provides this much detailed information in a concise and actionable format. Top notch service and highly recommended! Thanks Clint!
Clint has been very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend him for your marketing needs.
Clint Butler and Digitaleer gave me the most detailed and thorough keyword data research report I have ever seen. It examined ten terms for my company. The data shows me the exact things highly ranked companies do to make Google very happy, so they rank high on page one. All I need to do is follow the recommendations the report gave and then do just a little better, and I will have a fighting chance to out-rank any competitor in #1 spot. He also has an excellent video explaining how to use this amazing report so any serious SEO can dominate. I highly recommend this for anybody who wants to rank at the top of their niche.
I've worked with Clint for a while now. He always provides excellent service with a quick turnaround. Very thankful to have him "in my corner" and would highly recommend him to anyone needing website design or SEO.
Amazing service! The wealth of information, friendly service and overall quality make Digitaleer my go-to place for anything web marketing related. Clint always over delivers and makes sure I am satisfied.
By far one of the most knowledgeable and helpful agencies I have ever done business with. Clint is by far a step above the norm.
Clint with Digitaleer is knowledgeable and one of the top digital marketing consultants in Olympia and surrounding areas. Clint always delivers on time and he is one of the best for any local business in need of digital services or seo.
I just got the results for 10 keywords i've asked for Digitaleer to help me with, and this new tool Clint used for is very insightful. It gave the perception of everything about the competion and where i could gain advantage on them. Great work.
Working with Clint and his team was a great experience and I highly recommend them for any of your SEO needs.
Clint at Digitaleer has provided online marketing services for me on a number of occasions. If there is one thing that is consistent every time I have worked with him, it would be that he always delivers extremely high quality work! I have yet to be disappointed which is saying a lot in the field of online marketing. Whether you need one service or you need a complete, done-for-you solution, Clint can get you results!
Digitaleer came through like a gem. Under promised OVER ...I said OVER delivered and helped us look stellar!! Thank you Digiatleer Team!!
I have nothing but good things to say about Clinton. I have dealt with a lot of people in my life and very few people are willing to put a lot of effort into helping others.I was having many issues with my website regarding hosting, being hacked and other software problems and Clinton took the time out of his day to help me resolve and fix these issues without even blinking an eye.All I can say is if you plan on working with someone who actually cares and is willing to give you support along the way, Clinton is your guy!
Clint is unreal. He discovered that our sites rankings had been tanked because of a hack. He taught me how to check on some google search console stuff myself and i saw that my website had not 300 pages, but 50,000 pages. I had no idea. The tools he has at his disposal, and the knowledge he has, and this is coming from a LOCAL SEO guy. Im considered an expert in my area! I am but a small fish in clients pond. Thank you clint for all your hard work. I literally had to force money on him for working on a site from 930pm until 11 at night. He is a stand up guy, and i will be using him again. Again, this is from a guy who has 25 clients ranking well on page one (except the one i employed his help over, it had been hacked and he is fixing it now) and I consider Clint an expert and an extremely valuable resource.
Can't say enough! I was having some serious issues with a website and Clint got it fixed up in no time flat! These guys are now my "go to guys" for sure!!!
Clint recently worked on a couple of my websites to improve the load speed, and I am super happy with the results! I had been frustrated with my slow sites for a while, but Clint got right in there and straightened them out. I also really liked how he communicated throughout the whole process, letting me know what he was doing, and providing tips and recommendations to improve the sites even more. Highly recommended!
I was having some major issues with a slow loading website. Clint took a look and within 10 minutes had my site fully speed optimized and loading extremely fast. I will definitely use Olympia SEO for all of my site speed optimization in the future.
Clint is not only super knowledge but alos a pleasure to work with. He is the most hands on guy that we have ever hired and is always there to answer any questions that you may have. Clint has been able to help us increase our site speed by nearly 5 seconds and we are now finally loading under 1 second thanks to Clint. I highly recommend Clint as not only a to professional but great person as well!
Clint has worked on a couple projects for us. His expertise goes beyond just search engine optimization. By leveraging his knowledge of both the backend and front end of Wordpress he was able to reduce our sites load times resulting in higher conversions and an almost immediate increase in rankings. Would highly recommend.
I had been working on several websites and needed to move one to another server.I needed the site to load faster for a client presentation and I had seen Clint from Olympia SEO in a couple of groups and people were complimenting him on his service so it was a no brainer for me to contact him.I shot him a message and he got to work.Service was Amazing and I highly recommend!Chris McLean
Working with clint was a breeze! The turnaround on the work was virtually instant and the impact he made on our site speed was very significant. Highly recommend Clint and Olympia SEO for others looking to improve their website/s load time. Thanks Clint!
Amazing experience! Olympia SEO helped me out. They have great customer service and I had a problem and they fixed it literally within two hours! It's very rare to find a company like this one! I will be coming back for more business soon!
Clint at Olympia SEO was incredible for my friend's small Seattle business. Being in a very competitive space, his business was suffering. In his first meeting, he realized Clint's expertise in local seo was amazing. He started ranking on page 2 within a month from page 75. He is on track for page 1 in no time. I don't know what he did, but he worked his magic. I would highly recommend Olympia SEO if you want more traffic, and more clients even if you have a small business in the NW.
Olympia SEO has done some consulting for us for organic search, and they did a great job. Clint is easy to understand and does what he says he will do, a rarity it seems these days. Highly recommended.
What I like about Clint's Olympia SEO Service is he is a straight shooter. No high tech lingo, he explains what needs to be done and why in human being language. Knowing what needs to be done and WHY gives me more confidence in his abilities and the proof was in the results.Better than a 30% increase in visibility for my keywords in the 3 major search engines and I now have 27 keywords on page 1 of google. That's up from just 3. I highly recommend Olympia SEO. Thanks Clint.
Clint helped me with a site issue that needed an experts eyes. He knows his stuff. I highly recommend. I had an A+ experience with Clint.
A mutual friend introduced me to Clint at a SEO conference. All I can say is WOW. Since meeting him I have referred a couple of people to him. All of which have been incredibly happy with him and his team. His Seattle SEO team is top shelf and I have no problem recommending him.

How We Work

This is our process to create a marketing strategy and top SEO plan that works within your marketing budget for your business goals
We meet with you and talk about your business, goals, and what you are looking to get out of your digital marketing
Taking the information from discovery we research your market, organic seo, and organic traffic to make sure we can help you achieve your goals
We present our seo prices and proposal to you in person and answer any remaining questions you may have about our services
search engine
Starts on day one, we start optimizing your site and executing your marketing campaigns reducing the amount of time it takes to see search rankings results


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