Buffer Mobile App Review: The Mobile App For Social Media Management

With the ever-expanding technology of today, one thing marketers and social media management professionals can not do is fail to leverage mobile applications.  Both phones and tablets allow us as marketing professionals to engage with our target audience from easy to use mobile applications.  In this post we will take a look at one of the better social media management mobile apps and our Buffer mobile app review will give you the ins and outs of this useful tool.

Buffer Mobile App Review

Buffer Mobile App Review

Buffer Mobile App Review: What Does It Do?

I order to get the value of Buffer's mobile application you need to understand what the service is all about in the first place.

Buffer was created in 2010 for the purposes of aiding social media users with the tasks of delivering relevant content on multiple social media platforms at one time.  The ultimate aim for all that content is to drive traffic and increase fan engagement while reducing the amount to time it takes to manage multiple accounts.

In that way, Buffer is not that much different from other services, like Hootsuite for example, however, we prefer the user interface at Buffer because of its lack of unnecessarily complex features.

Buffer's mobile application lets you do all the same things you can do on the desktop version, just on your mobile phone.

You can connect the following accounts to Buffer:

  • Twitter
  • FaceBook – Page, Profile, and Groups
  • LinkedIn – Profile and Pages
  • Google+ – Profile and Pages
  • Pinterest – With paid option
  • Instagram – Reminders only

The free account lets you do the following:

  • schedule 10 posts
  • add 5 social profiles

The “Awesome Plan” gets you some additional features and costs $102 a year.

  • schedule 100 posts
  • 10 social profiles
  • 1 team member
  • social media calendar
  • Pinterest scheduling
  • Content Inbox

Buffer also has options for small, medium, and large-sized businesses, these options are best for agencies managing accounts for clients.

Buffer Review

Buffer Review – Image source Buffer.com

They also provide a 50% discount for nonprofit organizations, so if you are involved with one definitely check that out.

What Makes It Better Than Other Apps?

Content Inbox

Content Inbox

There are several things to like about the mobile version of this tool that others don't seem to have.

First is the upgrade, Content Inbox, which allows you to add RSS feeds of your favorite sites into the platform and it will help you curate content for your social accounts.

If you have ever read Gary Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook book on how to use social media you'll understand the importance of not always showing your own offers and stories to your online audience.  The theory behind that book is to post several informational or entertaining pieces of content in between your offers in order to increase overall engagement with your brand.

The theory behind that book is to post several informational or entertaining pieces of content in between your offers in order to increase overall engagement with your brand.

Being able to curate content from relevant niche related sites makes that whole concept a lot easier to implement and manage.

The second feature that stands out for me it is the way posts are created in the application.

Of all the others that I looked at when you create a post in Buffer, you can see how it will be shown on the network versus another app I tested that didn't show how the images would look when posted.  That can be a big deal because each network has its own image size requirements and you have to adapt yours in order to meet them if you are creating unique images per site.

Finally, ease of use with any mobile application is important and Buffer has really taken user interface optimization to heart.

Unlike the others we tested, adding accounts was very easy to do, and then selecting them when creating posts was seamless.

It also remembers what you did last time so repetitive tasks are a snap.

Some Minor Issues That It Has?

I have really only had three issues with the app.

First, they should offer a 30 day trial for the “Awesome” plan, I have no doubt that after people use it and learn how to leverage it properly the retention rate will be very high.

Second, Pinterest should be a default network and Instagram should be the paid add-on.  Instagram is a lot harder for services to automate anyway so that change will certainly result in more subscriptions if they manage to get it done within the terms of service of the site.

Finally, 5 accounts, at least for most marketers, is not enough for the free plan.  I'd recommend changing that to 10 accounts, but one of each type only, that way users can see how it interfaces with each platform.

For example, only one FaceBook page, group, and profile, then I know that it's going to work with my social media goals.

Ultimately, I believe that a social media manager, marketer, or public relations professional will be able to effectively engage with an audience on multiple social media channels while reducing the amount of time it takes to post and engage with a brand audience with Buffer.

You'll find the tools that Buffer provides, both in the mobile app and desktop, will serve you much better than other services and will work well to help you meet your strategic marketing and public relations goals.

What Is My Dream Mobile Application?

While writing up the review we were asked what would our dream mobile application, in particular for Instagram account management, do to help us do our work better.

Knowing the limits of current mobile technologies we know that everything is not possible, however, it is good to have a dream.

We would like a mobile application that would let us log into all of our, and our clients, social media accounts from one user interface.  The application would remember the login info for each account and let us access them simply by switching, never having to log in again.

Something along the lines of BrowSEO, a Windows desktop application, which keeps cache information separate and essentially keeps us logged in to multiple accounts at any given time.

This would be of great advantage to our agency because our staff could help clients leverage social media from one simple tool on a mobile device when we send project managers and staff to conferences.

What would your dream social media mobile app do?

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