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SEO The Movie

SEO The Movie Review

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SEO The Movie Review

Let me start off by saying that when I first heard about this movie I didn't even bother watching the trailers.

I honestly expected it to be a hack job video designed to slam the SEO industry as a whole because of the few “bad actors” in our space that take advantage of clients.

However, it actually turned out pretty good.

The movie is a great summary of the history of SEO as presented by a few well-known names in the industry and how they developed as the popularity and understanding of SEO grew.

I found it very entertaining and informative, even if it was driven by telling the story of the major brands in the industry.

I would have made it address some of the biggest issues SEO‘s have faced over the years, how black hat tactics play a part in SEO and a more concise description of where SEO is going in the years ahead.

All of that said, I love the effort that was taken to craft this film and respect the idea behind it.

Watch the movie yourself and share your thoughts about it!

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As an Army veteran, 21 years in with three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I learned real-world applications of problem-solving and adapting quickly to change. Looking for more challenges, I earned three Master’s degrees, Internet Marketing, and Business Intelligence and Public Relations. I also took up SEO in 2009 because nothing is more fluid and challenging in marketing then optimizing for search. Since then I’ve earned a reputation as the expert in on page optimization and page speed. I’ve spoken during several online training events, host two podcasts on SEO, and am a Speaker at SEO conferences like SEO Rockstars and SEO Spring Training.

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