SEO This Week Episode 63 – Building Out A Website – Market Research

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 63!  We don't have any good news stories this week, so I thought I would take the opportunity to dump that format for a while unless something important came up.  I did replace it with a new series though, we are going to go into a niche.

Watch the video and check out our beginning research!

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In the video:

  • I discuss what we are doing with the project and why
  • Pick a niche
  • Pick a city
  • Pick neighborhoods and identify our first 20 pages
  • Do some SEO competition research
  • On page audit of competition
  • Keyword ranking audit of competition
  • Research anchor text ratios
  • Offer some advice to get your first client.
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As an Army veteran, 21 years in with three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I learned real-world applications of problem-solving and adapting quickly to change. Looking for more challenges, I earned three Master’s degrees, Internet Marketing, and Business Intelligence and Public Relations. I also took up SEO in 2009 because nothing is more fluid and challenging in marketing then optimizing for search. Since then I’ve earned a reputation as the expert in on page optimization and page speed. I’ve spoken during several online training events, host two podcasts on SEO, and am a Speaker at SEO conferences like SEO Rockstars and SEO Spring Training.

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