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SEO This Week Episode 198

SEO This Week Episode 198

Keyword Clustering, Personas, and Links

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 198! After taking a week off I'm back with some great articles and a tutorial on the difference between keyword clustering and topic clustering.

That's right, there is a difference, and if you having issues with your silos and results, you might be mixing them up.

I'm also bringing you eight great articles from other SEO expert content creators that I think you'll enjoy.

So let's jump right into Episode 198 of SEO This Week!

How To Set Up An Outreach Campaign For Link Building

I've never been a fan of mass emails to website owners for guest posting opportunities. Typically the sites that have responsive owners are often times people who have sites that are built solely for the purposes of monetizing through guest posting.

Its not a bad model, and often times they do provide some sort of boost, however they might not have any rankings or traffic on their own.

For the money you spend, not worth it, at least in my opinion.

So that leaves you with the need to start your own outreach program

Craig Campbell has provided you with a great starting point.

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Marketing Personas Are Almost Always a BoonDoggle (but they don't have to be)

Buyer personas are a bigger deal in business, and digital marketing, then most people give them credit for.

Are you talking to a "A" personality dentist who runs her own practice and is well versed in marketing already.

Or are you talking to a creative personality who wants to market their photography on a digital platform outside of a gallery.

You need to know the people behind your buyers if you want to attract them.

Rand Fishkin goes into a process to further flush out your buyers personas for your digital marketing plans.

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Google Search Central Live: Images Lazy Loading Case Study

Lazy loading images helps with the full load time of your website and it does boost the overall quality of the site user experience.

However, how that is done could potentially be hurting your website, not helping it.

Check out this article by Kristina Azarenko on how to diagnose if your lazy loading optimizations are keeping Google from indexing your images.

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How to Use Data Visualization in Your Content to Increase Readers and Leads

Infographics for link building isn't something new, however, they are becoming more and more prolific. That means that site owners and social media sharing types are becoming more and more discerning about which ones they like.

Still, if you can turn data (even data that's not yours) into something cool looking, you might get a little love.

With some simple data visualization tools its not all that hard.

Check out this article on Neil Patel's website covering the topic.

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How to Hack Your Content Creation with an SEO-Friendly Content Brief [Template Included]

There are a bunch of tools out, or coming out, that use AI (or just content scraping) to create content briefs.

If don't know what they are, just think of a document that is built to help your writer create the article you actually want.

They are way better than just saying "write me an article about link building" and expecting to get something that's actually useful.

Of course, you don't really need a tool to accomplish this.

A little extra effort during your keyword analysis will help you create all your content briefs for the week, month, quarter, or year if you want.

Check out this article by Aidan McClain on the topic

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Graph Theory based Internal Linking

This isn't so much an article as a brief case study talking up the effects of fixing your orphaned pages on your website.

If you don't know, orphaned pages are pages on a website that are receiving no internal links from other pages of the site.

The idea is that an orphaned page on a site is less valuable to the site owner, thus, search engines consider it less valuable as well.

Well this graph theory application is shown to be a fix for that.

There is also an accompanying article outlining the "nuts and bolts" of the graph theory application here if your want to put your super-nerd hat on.

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How To Use GSC’s Crawl Stats Reporting To Analyze and Troubleshoot Site Moves

Glenn Gabe has created an interesting walk through of how to use the information in Google Search Console to analyze website migration and URL change issues.

He walks you through the steps to find the information that Google's tool is reporting, and gives a couple tips on how to address it.

Even if the data is less than trustworthy.

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The Role of SEO in News

Wrapping it up, this article is a good "how to" peice for those not versed in the application of SEO for websites.

In particular, this piece is written for the news publishers of the internet and some considerations they need to keep in mind if they are looking to leverage search traffic as much as possible.

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