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SEO This Week Episode 197

SEO This Week Episode 197

PPC Tax, User Intent, Rank Gear

Welcome to SEO This Week! Here in Episode 197, we take a look at the latest SEO news from around the industry.

First, we look at some things that could be causing your rankings drops, assuming you're experiencing some.

Then we move on to a set of tools from different people to help your marketing efforts.

Then we'll round out the episode with my tool, Rank Gear, and how you can use it to write your schema to edge out the competition.

All this and more on Episode 197 of SEO This Week!

18 More SEO Issues That Cause Search Rankings & Traffic to Drop

Interesting list of issues that may have caused a rankings drop.

Frankly, this list could be more exhaustive.

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Google Battles Fraudsters and Vandals as Maps Reaches 970 Million Submissions

Evidence of Google's half hearted campaign to clean up maps.

When you're approving 20 million maps a day, 3 Million removed in a year for spam doesn't mean all that much

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22 Tools For Writing and Distributing Content

Writing is the basis of optimizing a page for the search engines. 

This is a list of great tools a content writer and an SEO can leverage to make better stuff for their customers and readers.

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New Google Search Console Associations

Google has opened up a lot of associations for their products and this list is definitely something you should make a priority

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Brand Verification

This is the direct link to the Brand Verification method, probably one of the more important steps a business should do when working to establish their entity in Google.

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Facebook Unfriends Australia and Maryland Pass Ad Tax

Facebook blocking news sites in Australia is pretty interesting, however, the big news hidden in this article is the new tax Maryland passed.

If it goes forward, your PPC costs are going to go up, so finding an SEO company is more important than ever.

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Optimizing for User Intent with Content Tuning

This article take a concept that I've been teaching to my marketing consultant clients for a while now and that's refining pages based off of Search Console data.

Kevin writes a short version of it in his article.

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