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SEO This Week Episode 195

SEO This Week Episode 195

Links, Testing, Adding Review Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 195, today I've got 5 SEO news articles and one tool that I think you'll get some enjoyment out of.

Two of the articles look at SEO testing from two different perspectives that I found interesting.

We have an article on PBN's and best practices, at least it's what people are doing on one particular network, that gives some insight into what link builders are doing.

Then we look at how Regex can help your marketing automation efforts and how easy it is once its explained simply to you.

Finally, we round out the show with some tips on Review schema and how to research your competition to find out the best types of schema to be using to get stars in the search results.

All this on Episode 195 of SEO This Week!

Entity Extraction Tool

Do you want to know exactly which entities are in your content?

This free tool lets you get them!

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2021's PBN Best Practice Guide

I like reading how people are using private blog networks (PBN) for ranking their websites.  Getting data presented by link providers gives some decent insights into what the competition is doing.

However, when you read these posts, they don't say if what their users are doing is working.

There is some implied success with the processes, because if the links they provide didn’t work would they still be in business?

Regardless, here is some data on how people are building their links and the velocity of which they are being made.

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The Comforting Mirage of SEO A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method that marketers use to test one version of a webpage against the other to see which one performs better.  Pretty much everyone, from copywriters to SEO's, employ this testing method to find winners and losers.

In this article, the author addresses some interesting concerns with SEO A/B and how the improper implementation of the results could be hurting your overall site performance.

On significant point is that if your tests are only looking for big winner and losers, you could be disregarding small changes that could indeed have an overall large impact your testing didn't consider.

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SEO Testing: The Secret To Maximize Your Website Traffic and Profits

I run the SEO testing at the Search Intelligence Agency so I love hearing other people's perspectives on testing for SEO factors or the impact of SEO changes on websites.

Matt Diggity's perspective is rather interesting and does compare Single Variable Tests against multivariable tests on live sites.

The difference is the ability to control factors that impact your tests.

However, there is something to be said for applying SVT results on live pages, because every webpage and keyword has its own nuances in regards to ranking ability that needs to be addressed in order to capitalize on testing.

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Regex for Marketers: Plain English, Real-World Examples

While I'm learning Java and Python I heard a lot about Regex.  In particular, I was told that knowing Regex made doing things in other languages a lot easier.

Plus, regular expressions were being used a lot in more technical SEO tools, like Screaming Frog for example.

So this article is from Annie Cushing, and in it, she expresses the fear of complication that I had.  Then she plainly explains how to use Regex in your work to make things go a little bit easier.

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Change To Review Snippets and Schema

Google updated the documentation for Review Snippet's on their site to highlight the different types of Schema that you can use reviews and aggregate reviews in your site schema with the hopes of getting the review stars to show.

I would suggest looking at the search results and seeing if stars are even being shown at all.  And then, look at the schema on the sites that where rewarded stars and see if there is type pattern that you need to be aware of.

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