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SEO This Week Episode 194

SEO This Week Episode 194

Clouds, Campaigns, and Real Estate Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 194 and today I've curated a great back of articles that will capture your imagination, as well as, improve a couple of your own search engine optimization processes.

First is a cool tutorial on using Python to create word clouds, and then, how to turn those into unique images.

Second, is a great explanation of SEO campaigns and how to set them up.

Then I've got another python article you'll like, and a guide to crawling for large sites.

Then I wrap up the Episode 194 articles with a piece on SEO forecasting that includes a template to get it all done.

Then we move on to the topic of writing out Real Estate schema to help you leverage more of the options schema provides.

All this and more on Episode 194 of SEO This Week!

Create Word Clouds in Python with Maskable Images

Word clouds are a throwback of the old days of web design where tags were used to create this "cloud" of terms the content was about.

While not used very often today, if at all, there are some cool images you can create that are unique to your for image links and promotion on sites like Pinterest.

This article shows you how to create the word clouds using Python.

Then it shows you how to make them look cool using shapes to create something truly unique.

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8 Steps to Launch a Successful SEO Campaign in 2021

There are tons of ways to set up an SEO campaign for your business, however, few are explained as plainly as Robbie Richards.

This article goes over the definition of "SEO campaign" and then walks you through some of the steps to getting started with the most important part, the keyword research.

There are even a couple videos and templates you get you started.

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Scrape the Google Autosuggest with Python

There are plenty of keyword gathering tools that will pull from Google AutoSuggest, but if you like playing around with code I think you'll enjoy this one.

Everything is included, including the code and instructions, to get it running today.

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Large Site Owner's Guide To Managing Your Crawl Budget

If you have never managed a large website your lucky!  The technical aspects of SEO are more important than ever when dealing with enterprise level sites that contain hundreds of thousands of pages.

And getting Google to acknowledge all of them can be quite the challenge.

All of that starts with crawling.

This is a guide from Google that recently updated to help you diagnose crawl issues, and maybe, head them off at the pass before they are a problem.

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SEO Forecasting in Google Sheets

Trying to estimate traffic increases as a result of SEO can be a tricky thing, especially when your SEO company is doing SEO for clients. 

After all, you don't want to overestimate traffic volume for targeted keywords and set expectations that you can't possibly meet.

However, there are ways to make decent educated guesses using a sites historical data to predict future increases that can be updated as your campaign progresses.

This will allow you to watch for increases, as well as, potential decreases in traffic.

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