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SEO This Week Episode 193

SEO This Week Episode 193

Navigation, Backlinks, and inLinks Review

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 193, thanks for checking out the show, this week we've got more articles than normal.

I found a great article on JavaScript SEO basics that will help you bridge the knowledge gap on "why" and definitions for common terms.

I have an article for you on faceted navigation and how an SEO company made some changes to manage them for a significant traffic increase.

And I found an article teaching you the basics of completing a backlink profile analysis that I think you'll get something out of.

In today's training section of the show, I'll going to give you a tour of inLinks and how I use the information in the tool to help my SEO efforts.

Plus I'll give you three things I like and three things I hate about the service.

So strap in and enjoy Episode 193 of SEO This Week!

JavaScript SEO Best Practices Guide for Beginners

I've talked a lot about JavaScript SEO, as well as, shared a lot of guides about the topic on previous episodes of the show.

However, I often forget that new people are entering the SEO space on a daily basis and sometimes a beginners guide is what people really need.

This article rolls up all the information you'll need to get started at learning about working with JavaScript and the terminology to keep you fluent.

This is not a "how to" article, its more a "what is" and definitions article.

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Unleash Your Faceted Navigation

E Commerce SEO can be a blessing and a curse all at once.  Which is why a lot of people tend to rely on a lot of guess work when providing ecommerce SEO solutions to clients.

However, there are some things that you can do to capture more visitors, almost on autopilot if you set everything up right.

This article walks you a look at how to leverage your ecomm stores faceted navigation system in a much better way, while protecting the technical SEO changes you've already implemented.

The short version is, you keep your navigation parameter URL's noindex until there is search volume for that particular filter, then its changed to be indexable so you can optimize that page and capture some of that traffic.

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What Does A Strong and Natural Backlink Profile Look Like?

This is a great article to help you look at backlink profiles.

While not all natural backlink profiles fit into this box, it’s a great baseline of knowledge to get started with when your just starting to dive deep into backlink assessment work.

Bear in mind, this really has been written for the new SEO, so you advanced people can probably skip it.

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Product Schema Updated To Show Price Drops

Google has added a new modification to the rich snippets results for the products. 

Now, instead of showing just the price of your products, you can have a sale, and highlight price drops right in the search results.

This will be great for ecomm store owners who sell like items and want a competitive edge.  Just be careful not to "race to the bottom" and reduce your profit margin too much.

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Contextual Links in Featured Snippets - New Opportunity and Risks

If you have been following me for a while now you know I'm not a fan of the featured snippets in the search results.

To be blunt, they are nothing more than Google using your content to answer questions right in the search results in order to monetize the SERPs better.  There is absolutely no intent to highlight your website as an authority, its all about the money.

And I'm not the only that believes this, that's why news publishers and regulators are beginning to turn the screws on Google, Australia being the latest one with Google threatening to leave the country if they pass their law.

Now Google is trying to get passed a lot of these issues by taking your content and adding links to it.  These links are from other websites.

That's right, so now they take your content and add links to other websites, thus increasing the chance that the user never makes it to your website.

Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I'd love to hear from one and the legality of taking exact copies of copyrighted material, modifying it, and using it for commercial purposes.  The way is was before, in my uneducated opinion, fell under fair use.  But now they are fundamentally changing the content of the content.

Anyways, there are some more branding things to be had by capturing featured snippets, but that doesn't mean I can't still hate them.

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Image Optimization Tips Using Code

Image optimization is a big deal when you're trying to optimize for page speed. 

Images tend to be the second leading cause for slow websites, and tech is starting to better address those issues with new formats and code to optimize delivery.

In this article there are eight things you can add to your code that may help with your image optimization.

One, which is missing implementation tips, talks about a new image format that is supposed to be better than WebP.  While not totally implemented in all the popular browsers yet, I expect we'll be seeing it in our SEO image optimization plugins soon enough.

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