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SEO This Week Episode 192

SEO This Week Episode 192

eCommerce, Titles, Link Doctoring with Backlink Analysis and Disavow Tool

Welcome SEO This Week Episode 192, thank you for checking out the show. This week I've only found three articles that are providing any new information on SEO or digital marketing topics that your SEO company or small business can leverage.

First we'll highlight an article about backlink decay when doing website promotion though the HARO service and what you can do to minimize it.

Second, we'll take a look at a great guide that contains 99 things you can do to drive more traffic to your eCommerce properties and grow them.

Finally, we'll take a look at a simple title tag test you can leverage if your brand is getting a lot of related searches to increase your CTR in the search results.

Then, during my training portion of Episode 192 of SEO This Week, I'll show you how I conduct a backlink analysis and use the disavow tool to clean things up and build some trust with the Google algorithm.

HARO Backlink Decay

Link decay is something that not a lot of SEO's think about.  It also happens to be a topic that clients think SEO's who do address it are making up.  But there is something to be said about maintaining an awareness of your old backlinks.

Especially if you paid for them directly or via writing content and placement research.

This article goes through how the author looks at targets in HARO and filters out sites that end up removing pages over a period of time.

This process will help you identify these sites and stop pitching them.

Saving you a ton of money.

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99+ eCommerce Hacks to Boost Your Sales (Updated 2021)

This is a great example of how to turn your older content into updated information.  This process saves you a lot of time because you eliminate the consistent process of developing new stuff over and over.

In the case of this article, you'll also get some great tips on how to increase your traffic (thus sales) through some of the ad and SEO tips.

There are some spreadsheet templates in the post as well.

There are also some traffic tips to leverage social media channels that I think you'll enjoy.

On a final note, I don't often share these types of "X # of Tips" posts because they are often disappointing, but this is certainly an exception, so enjoy.

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SEO Split-Testing Lessons from SearchPilot: Placing The Brand Name First in Title Tags

Testing things is how we find improvements so I love to highlight tests that are published to the public.

This particular test was for a well known brand and was successful, for the most part, for the business.

I think it worked because it was a well known brand, thus increasing traffic versus rankings, but if that 15% increase of traffic increased revenue then who cares.

Check out the setup and if you're working for a name brand with a positive reputation, this might be something to test out on your own sites.

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