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SEO This Week Episode 191

SEO This Week Episode 191

Anchor Text Ratio, Python, Links, and GA4

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 191! This week I found a great mix of forum posts and articles to help you on your SEO journey.

A couple highlights for me is the implementation of Google Analytics 4 and the new built in goals that are already there built in to the system.

The other is a discussion on how many projects an SEO should take on when thinking about dividing up their resources.

And this week I do hold a Q & A session for viewers after I talk about how to go about analyzing anchor text when doing your keyword research.

So grab some coffee and enjoy the show on Episode 191 of SEO This Week!

How to Record SERPs and Analyze Algorithms with Python

This used to be an article with all the code etc when I first found it, however, they have changed it into a webinar presentation, which I kind of like better.

You'll be walking away with knowing how to use the Google Search API to create your own rank tracker with Python.

A very handy skill if you're looking to reduce costs and create some of your own tools. 

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Four Ways Google Analytics 4 Will Improve Your Data

There has been a lot of interest in moving from Universal Analytics to GA4, however, that comes with the loss of all that UA data if you don't keep them both running.

However, there are some features in the new Analytics 4 that make it an even smart decision to get it running now.

This article highlights a bunch of cool things, however, the best part that I like is the highlighting of the built in goals that are built in right out of the box.

The tool the most commonly selected goals and built them right into the system to make setup all that much faster.

So, if you were waiting to get GA4 implemented, they made it easier to get it done so excuses are valid no more.

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How to Detect Competitors' Price Changes with Python and Send Email Alerts

This is pretty handy in order to monitor what you competition is doing, in particular, you can watch several competitors and build your own unique selling position to stand out versus chasing their pricing to the bottom and sacrificing profit.

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[Journey] $50,000/M Via YouTube Faceless Channels Empire

This is an interesting idea one internet marketer has high hopes for.

Check out how they plan on leveraging YouTube in the hopes of making $50,000 a month

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How Many Active Projects and Domains Do You Have?

I was in a meeting with one of my digital marketing consulting clients when I say this post put up and I thought is was very interesting.

Check out the insights people have when it comes to the volume of projects you take on to build your business.

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Google's Scroll to Text Fragments - Ramifications & Disabling

If you don't know, some passage indexing features create hashtag jump links to cited sections of your website where the algo found the "passage".

While generally not an issue for most people, if you make your money by selling ad impressions, this could be a really issue for webmasters.

This post talks about those considerations and how to disable the function in order to ensure the visitor sees all your ad blocks.

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Method for Non-Offensive Links to Add Noise to Backlink Profile

This post provides a method to make pillow links to your pages without the use of link building tools.

Its not new, however, to do it safely you have to do it manually.

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