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SEO This Week Episode 190

SEO This Week Episode 190

Google’s December 2020 Core Update - What Changed, What Now

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 190! This week I've got four articles to share with some interesting tips and tools.

First will be an article discussing how Google is using some features in GMB's to better build relevance for users.

Then we'll go over Google Web Stories for Google Discover, something I might leverage for SEO This Week and my SEO company content, however, I've not convinced just yet.

Google My Business Is Testing "Services" Justifications

There are a lot of places within the info section of the Google My Business dashboard to add relevancy for search terms. 

The idea is that, the more of them you use, the more relevant your business is for GMB rankings.  Even if the number one ranking factor continues to be exact match keyword in your business name (Which until Google corrects that, there will always be map spam).

In this article, you'll see an example of Google leveraging the "Services" section of your GMBs in a new way.  Its nice, because as far as I can tell from past experience, they typically ignored the whole section anyway.

Word of caution, I edited the "Services" section of my maps to update the offerings Digitaleer provided, and their system suspended all my maps, so be careful.

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How We Boosted Our Traffic by 504.17% With A SEO-Friendly Web Story

If you have been following me for while you know I'm not one to jump on bandwagons, especially when Google makes them, because the floor tends to rot out and you fall through once Google is done promoting something.

And that's pretty much my feeling on using Web Stories to get into Google Discover.

While the idea of getting tons of short term extra traffic sounds nice, is it repeatable, or did the authors just get lucky?

On the other side of that coin, I'm an advocate for testing new things, and now that most of the bugs have had a time to get worked out, this may be something to look a little more closely at.

Especially in regards to promoting existing content, or even repurposing it, in order to the get best ROI from it.

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A Complete Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools

I was this close to not sharing this article because the site experience on the site so horrible.  If there was any white space filled with ads or lack of popups on this site before, they've certainly corrected that.  Horrible web experience.

Anyway, that aside, this guide is actually a pretty good walk through of the Bing Webmaster Tools features and its probably something you should get to know.

While they don't send a ton of traffic, the search engine still has an audience, and in some markets that audience spends upwards of $500 more per purchase than Google users.

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Google Launches Question Hub for US Publishers

Have you ever wished you had a tool that would give you a list of topics to create content around that you can easily capture visitors, well, Google made one available.

Its called Question Hub.

Basically, what it does is provide you with a list of questions that Google doesn't have an answer for. 

Then, you go out and create your answer to that question on your site, and submit the URL to Google.

Its new to the US, people in India have had it since 2018 which explains why so many Indian spam sites are taking over a lot of markets, but we can finally fight back now here in the US.

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