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SEO This Week Episode 189

SEO This Week Episode 189

Website Architecture Design and Planning

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 189, I'm glad you keep coming back for more information and SEO tips. When I started my SEO company back in 2012 after returning from Afghanistan I had this desire to help people and make money doing it. The industry as a whole has allowed me to do both, but SEO This Week has allowed me to scale it!

So this week I've only curated three articles, it was the Christmas holidays after all, and two tools that you might find useful.

For the training portion of Episode 189 I'm walking you through the process of website architecture design and planning.

Website architecture design should be the second thing you do for any project that your involved in, right after your keyword research, to make sure your new project starts off on the proper foot.

I'll provide you with a few website architecture diagrams throughout the episode to use as a guide for your own projects, as well as provide you with some link building tips to leverage your new structures in the most economical ways.

So site back with a cup of coffee and a notebook and get ready to be entertained on Episode 189 of SEO This Week!

Google algorithms vs Google penalties, explained by an ex-Googler

There is a long standing conversation about the differences in algorithm changes and Google penalties within the SEO community, and typically it comes from new SEO's starting out in the business.

Google algorithms change constantly and inevitably after every update there are a bunch of practitioners saying their sites were penalized after the update, but were they?

Knowing the difference between "rule" changes in the algorithm and an penalty is key in determining how to correct the issues that your SEO practices created, and this article goes a long way to clearing it up.

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Brand reputation and the impact of Google SERP selections

This article talks about recent changes in the SERPs in regards to People Also Ask and how those questions seem to be selected based on brand sentiment.

Its actually a pretty interesting topic, since your brand reputation can drive sales or push them away based on the sentiment that Google is showing for brand search terms.

While I may not be a fan of the application as a whole, it does show that online reputation management is still very important for any business and marketing teams should be using SEO to put a companies best foot forward as much as possible.

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Content Marketing in 2021: The Definitive Guide

Love him or hate him you can't deny that Brian Dean is pretty good at getting his long form content published in some creative ways.

This is a several "chapter" long form article on content marketing and the different things you can do to reach your potential prospects.

Its not focused solely on article writing either, which is refreshing, in it he talks about video, email, and even content repurposing.

While I believe its one of his old skyscraper posts updated and refreshed, you certainly can't tell and the tips in it are actionable.

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Scaling word-based keyword grouping in Excel

This article walks you through a process of grouping keywords into categories and subcategories using Microsoft Excel.  The process seems pretty straight forward and the author does provide you with a Excel sheet with the necessary formulas already included.

Beyond that, there are tips on how to leverage that information when its time to move on to website architecture design which I thought was timely considering today's main topic.

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Retrieve data and create automatic backups from Google Search Console into Google Sheets

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