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SEO This Week Episode 187

SEO This Week Episode 187

How To Write Local Business Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 187! Since I took a week off to work on my taxes (it was a bad as it sounds) I thought I would give you all something you can use for your businesses today should you chose.

So I am going to walk you how to write local business schema for your website using some tools available for free on the web including generators,, and Topical Relevance.

All with the goal of showing you that, while yes you are programming code, its not all that hard to be one of the few SEO company pros or freelancers who can actually create decent schema code.

So sit back with a notebook and a cup of coffee and enjoy SEO This Week Episode 187

3 Effective SEO Strategies to Beat Competitors in a Competitive Market

So the short version of this article is to:

  1. Control your reputation online by starting a Reputation Management campaign.
  2. Do competitive site analysis and duplicate what is working.
  3. Do content marketing targeting general traffic terms, not only commercial terms.

There is one recommendation that is rather interesting that I want to try out for supporting content. 

The author recommends doing more Brand Vs Competitor type posts.  The idea is that you are signaling to the search engines (and users) that your brand actually does belong in that niche.

From a search engine perspective, when writing that type of content, you actually create some very hyper relevant content, in particular in local where your talking about a known brand and the city both businesses operation in. 

It will be a nice niche and geo sandwich Google's algo will love.

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400 Unsolicited SEO Tips

This is actually a pretty cool list of tips curated from multiple places around the net that I think have some merit.

If anything, its 400 ideas that could potentially be tested in today's search environment to see if they still apply.

So if you are looking for testing ideas, or just building a checklist, here you go!

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Analyzing A Recent Google Update Impact via Search Console Data w/ a Segmented Google Data Studio Report

This is an older post but the template still works.

It allows you to import your data into Google Data Studio and figure out the impact a search engine update may have had on your site.

While it doesn't tell you what changed, at least you'll know what those changes did to your website.

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Introducing Cohort Keyword Research

This is an interesting way to build on your keyword research skills.

Basically you are using three metrics provided by Ahrefs to group keywords up.

Then you are looking at that data on spreadsheet (template provided).

I didn't find this post early enough to put it into practice and see how I can add it my process, if worthy, but I certainly will so should you.

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11 Easy Steps to Mine Amazon Search Terms Report to SCALE AMAZON PPC

I don't do any Amazon SEO work right now, no clients and no product of my own, but I love learning about the platform and I'm sure someone reading this is in the space.

This is more of a Amazon PPC campaign management trick to use your sales date from Seller Center to target your selling products in a much better way.

There is a step by step walk through of how to get it done.

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SEOAsked, Archived Google Answers About SEO

This is an interesting concept and I'm glad someone put it together, its an SEO testers playground!

They've taken tweets and other content pieces that address questions from the community and curated them into several searchable sections on the site.

In a way, its brilliant, because if it gets enough SEO power itself, it could very well take over the People Also Ask section of the SERPs for all these questions.

That said, its still early for the site and they only have 24 questions asked on the site from what I can see, but I'm excited to see the project grow.

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Web Almanac: State of The Web Report 2020

There are tons of great data points on this site that are based on collected info from the HTTP Archive project.

I was originally going to link specifically to the SEO part of the site, however, the info is so good I thought I would let you pick your own path to digest the information.

Keep in mind, the info is all based on data and can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people to analyze it, but its still worth while and could be great information for content marketing or presentations if your in the digital marketing market.

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