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SEO This Week Episode 186

SEO This Week Episode 186

Keyword Clusters vs Topic Clusters

Welcome to SEO This Week, I'm glad to have you!

This week on Episode 186 I'm bringing you four articles with some great information. I'm also bringing you a couple of new tools on the web that you may be able to leverage in your work.

Finally, for SEO This Week Episode 186 I'm going to be talking about something that I noticed while watching SEO Rockstars presentations.

And that is the confusion being created by content creators and SEO's when using the terms keyword cluster and topic cluster.

All too often the terms are being used interchangeably, and this is wrong because they are completely different word sets. So, I walk you through the difference and a couple of tools to help you create each.

So sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy Episode 186 of SEO This Week!

Google’s John Mueller: Long Anchor Text Gives Us More Context

Google's John Mueller was asked if using longer anchor text was better than using short anchor text.

An example would be

SEO Company


The best answer to the What is SEO question

John's response was pretty much expected.

He states that long versus short doesn't play a part in terms of rankings, however, the longer anchor text could be used by Google to determine the context of the piece being linked to.

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Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

In my quest to squeeze as much money out of a website as I can for myself and my clients I continue to find content on copywriting and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

This article contains a cool nugget right off the bat the I'll be looking to implement here on Digitaleer.

The remainder of the article brings you some things to test, how to test CRO, and some implementations you can put into place right away.

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A Domain Migration Checklist And Ultimate Google Data Studio Dashboard

Moving a website from one domain to another is a pretty big deal and it's easy to get complacent and miss something.

This is checklist for you to keep track of certain steps in the process so you don't forget something.

There is also a Data Studio template that compares the old domain performance with the new domain's performance.

This is actually cool, especially if you were advising against the move and wanted to be able to tell your boss "I told you so."

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Image Link Building — Best of Whiteboard Friday

This article is written in a way that leverages a lot of influencer stuff.  That's all fine and dandy if you want to pay for some Instagrammer to post about your business.  Hey, if it results in sales why not.

My interest in this article is a couple of the ideas on leveraging images to generate traffic and backlinks.

One that I found really interesting was a tip to update old images with current information. 

This one tip would work great with in market infographics and generate traffic from Pinterest.  Then offer the embed code under the image to get some links from other sites covering the topic.

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Tag Mapper

This is a great tool for anyone playing around in Google Tag Manager on a regular basis.

It uses fancy colors to help you figure out what you have may or may not break your implementation.

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Stream Back Machine

This is a bulk WayBack Machine download tool.

You can give it up to 5 URLs at a time and it will create a table with cache and archive count information.

In my opinion its kinda of, blah.

But who knows, you may be able to find a use for that information.

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