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SEO This Week Episode 185

SEO This Week Episode 185

How To Write Breadcrumb Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 185, thanks for coming by.

This week I'm bringing you 5 pieces of content and a couple of keyword research tools that I know you'll like.

The articles cover Split-Testing, the effect of bad internal linking, and even a little landing page design that I think you'll be able to leverage for your own business or SEO company over and over again.

Then I'll go over the often overlooked and underutilized breadcrumb schema.

I'll show you how to write breadcrumb schema and some uses for it that you may not have thought about before.

All this and much more on Episode 185 of SEO This Week!

SEO Split-Testing Lessons from SearchPilot: Forcing Google to Respect Meta Descriptions

There has been a lot of chatter in the search engine groups from users complaining that Google was changing their meta descriptions.  All in all, I personally don't even look that close to see if they are using exactly what I put, as long as my keyword is in there, I'm pretty much satisfied.

However, there are people that take this stuff personal lol, so the folks at search pilot checked it out.

While their test result of a 3% loss of traffic might not be that much in the schema of things, it seems that Google is optimizing the meta descriptions on its own based on content on the page. 

By doing that, they can optimize it properly for long-tail terms that you may not even have thought of and were giving you traffic.

When you take that option away from Google, you get a 3% drop in traffic because you're no longer capturing as much long-tail traffic you were before.

So in the end, Google uses what you put for the most part, but when they change it don't worry about it.

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Bad Internal Linking Could Hurt You

This is a Google SEO office hours episode.

At the 10 minute mark John Mueller talks about how the lack of internal links to a page could be an indicator that a page isn't important to the overall topic of the site.

While I don't often take everything he says as "exact", I totally believe that this concept is fully integrated into the algo based off of sites that took an algorithmic hit during the May algo update.

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Google Discover: How to Rank and Drive Traffic

Google Discover has the potential to drive a lot of traffic to the right types of websites if you can land a spot. 

The trouble is, I've not found a single person that can say they can land that spot repeatedly.

Most people I hear from are people that got listed, got a ton of traffic, then dropped out.

So this article is a rollup of suggestions made by people who are in the markets Google likes to use for Discover and their ideas on how to get in, and stay in.

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Implementation Guide for Events In Google Analytics 4

The release of Google Analytics 4 has caused quite the stir and slowly people are moving to it from Universal Analytics.

The downside is that you will loose all those implementations, data, and everything else once you move over to the new system.

This post will walk you through the process of setting up events in GA4.

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The 5 Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page

As I work towards rebuilding Digitaleer I definitely need to consider the landing pages on the site and how to best turn them into leads.

So I am taking in copywriting and landing page content left and right.

This one is actually a great explanation of the primary sections of a page one would need, and what exactly you should be putting in them.

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Sistrix Keyword Tool

Not that I think that the world needed another keyword tool, but here is one you might use.

One feature I like is that it pulls questions from the keyword research your do in other countries.  

So if you run out of FAQ's from the US market, for example, you can search for questions from the UK or Australia for example.

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