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SEO This Week Episode 183

SEO This Week Episode 183

Silos, Vitals, and Python's

Welcome to SEO This Week, today we bring you Episode 183 and with it some great information for your SEO company or in-house SEO efforts.

We start off with a cool tool that will help you take advantage of Google and Bing's auto-suggest search tools. We then take a look at an application of Python to test your robots.txt files. Then we close it all out with a discussion on silo building and how they and internal linking can help you increase your website traffic.

So sit back and relax with SEO This Week Episode 183!

How To Improve Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are three new performance metrics which will soon impact SEO ranking. Learn how to measure and improve them to maximize user experience!

This is a fairly technical post talking about some things you can do in your code to get a better score. 

Keep in mind, the author and his site are coming from the perspective of a developer who has made a completely custom site, no WordPress to be found.  So he's not limited by themes and plugins.

I did learn a couple functions inside of Chrome that I've never seen before while checking out the code of his site though, so that might be worth while to more inquisitive amongst you.

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Stream Suggest App

Stream Suggest is an online app that retrieves auto-complete suggestions from Google and Bing in order to visualize them in a tree or table form.  You can then download the CSV to save the data for later use.   Right now the tool is free and in beta so check it out, very useful.

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How To Verify and Test Robots.Txt File Via Python

As you know I'm pretty big into learning Python and the various things it can be used for in order to make SEO easier from a technical perspective.  While not "required" to perform these tests, this write up is another great example of what the technical SEO could use the language for.

From a practical perspective, this set up could help you determine if the robots.txt is the culprit for indexing issues on a larger scale than doing it with Google's testing tool or other crawlers.

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How I Created a Topic Cluster and Boosted My Website Traffic By 1000%

So, first I want to tell you what a topic cluster is.  It's a new name for an old technique, that called silo's.

The implementation of them using a "Content Hub" is exactly the same as you would do with a category page.  Build out some primary content on the category page based on your most competitive keyword, then link to your supporting pages on it.

In this application, they also interlinked each of the subpages to each other.

This interlinking increased the ranking of the content hub and the supporting pages rank higher for supplemental terms.  Then all the links built to the supplemental and hub pages boost the ranking of everything.

A good example is and their content hubs.

This is a case study of how to build one out and turn long form content into something kinda cool.

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