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SEO This Week Episode 181

SEO This Week Episode 181

Acquisition Channels and Organization Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 181, I'm glad to have you join me! This week we have two cool articles for you to help you or your SEO company increase your traffic and maybe help you look for new channels to market.

Then I've got three tools that I found during the course of the week that you may find some use for, including a new testing tool to replace the Structured Data Testing tool.

For this weeks part of the site audit series we are going to talk schema, and specifically, Organization schema and some ways you can leverage that beyond what everyone else is doing.

So grab a notebook and some coffee and join me for Episode 181 of SEO This Week!

Top 15 Acquisition Channels That Work Consistently for Getting New Users

Research from 479 founder interviews

The channels are sorted by the number of “successful mentions” (meaning, the founder mentioned in the interview that a particular acquisition channel is working for them). Now, some founders spend just a sentence talking about the channel, some describe it in detail (you’ll see quotes from the latter below).

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What We Learned From A “Google Only” Marketing Approach

Could a “Google only” approach to marketing move the needle for a very small local business? Which Google tools improved visibility and conversions?

We had a unique opportunity with a new, very small diner to see if a Google-only, low-cost marketing campaign could deliver topline results in the form of increased search visibility, more customers, and more revenue.

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JavaScript rendering check

Check a URL for the differences between the original source code and the rendered HTML.

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Structured Data Testing Tool (beta).

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People Also Ask + Machine Learning

This SEO machine learning tool extracts Google's People Also Ask box questions and uses Google Natural language processing API to inspect the question and identify the prevailing emotional opinion that the question has. The question can have a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.

Search for a specific topic, brand, product, or service, identify the sentiment your customers have, and export to CSV to share with your content team.

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