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SEO This Week Episode 180

SEO This Week Episode 180

Tools, Indexing, and Content Optimization

Welcome to Episode 180 of SEO This Week! This week I'm bringing you four articles and four tools to help you or your SEO company efforts.

First, we'll look at the Google Rater Guidelines, then mobile-only indexing becomes a reality. We two new toolsets from Google, both for content generation and syndication. And a keyword tool that helps you crowdsource your keyword research.

During the show, I will also go over my content creation strategy, at least part of it anyway, and this will be the one and only time that I talk about it outside of one of my paid courses.

And, as always, I'll answer your questions live, some come one and all to SEO This Week Episode 180!

New Google Quality Rater Guidelines, Update Adds Emphasis on Needs Met

Google has released a brand-new Google quality rater guidelines, coming close to a year after the last one was released in December 2019. This update doesn’t have some of the sweeping updates and changes that we’ve seen in some of the previous updates. There are many interesting things Google has added, stressed, or changed, so SEOs should still be paying attention to these changes.

But one of the most popular changes in these guidelines will be the addition of a change log for the guidelines. While the change log isn’t completely thorough, it does serve as a heads up for what has changed. And they’ve also included in the change log all the changes made for the past two years.

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Google Mobile First Indexing Should Be Google Mobile Only Indexing

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Google Podcasts Manager

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Journalist Studio

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Create a Keyword Scenario

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How To Write A Blog Post Fast (And Good) – 15 actionable tips

I read many articles on this "how to write blogs" topic and they're talking about the same rotten strategies. By the end, you'll be surprised by the writing tips in this article. And you'll have a new approach for writing a blog post.

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SEO mistakes I've made and how I fixed them

With good SEO, search engines can know what your content is about, discover all the blog posts you've written and, if you're lucky, catapult you to the top search result for a given set of keywords. Moreover, were sharing my newest articles on Twitter and Reddit would just cause a spike in traffic for a few days, SEO helps you get more consistent traffic on your website, and for a longer time. The latter is what I was lacking for the longest time, despite having set up my Gatsby website and SEO component properly (or at least I thought so).

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Data Studio Report to Analyze Referral Links from Google Analytics

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