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SEO This Week Episode 177

SEO This Week Episode 177

Final News Rollup: No B.S., Callouts

Welcome to Episode 177 of SEO This Week. This week will be the final week that I roll up the weekly news in a video! As I move the focus of Digitaleer towards improve our SEO Company client services I'm moving away the show from doing the news.

This week we have a TON of news stories to get to so be sure to watch the video to see what they are all about and where SEO This Week is going in the future!

How to Identify Local SEO Keywords in Bulk

If you do local SEO you’ll need to decide what keywords to target. Not every keyword triggers the ‘localization’ of SERPs. You’ll need to figure out which keywords do, so you can target them, and track their performance. If you’re doing local SEO for a big company with lots of locations or types of businesses, you’ll probably have a lot of keywords to contend with. That means having a quick way to discover which keywords are worth targeting may be useful to you.

This guide will show you how you can check hundreds, or even thousands of keywords quickly for localization.

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Correlation of GIF views and rankings in GIPHY’s search. A study with currently +100k lines of GIF ranking and view data

You ever wondered how important a ranking in GIPHY, Tenor and their search service in social and messenger apps is to get views for your GIFs? Here are some findings from scraping rankings and views on Giphy.

My idea was to get an idea of what is possible in views if I rank 100 gifs or stickers on positions 1 to 20 in Giphy’s search. (Not saying that a ranking on position X causes Y views. There are other factors, too)

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How to Win at Enterprise SEO

The term “enterprise SEO” is often used incorrectly to describe search engine optimization for large websites. At Terakeet, we define enterprise SEO as a search-driven business strategy. It’s more of a business partnership than a vendor relationship. Only when SEO is built into multiple departments and hierarchies of a business is it truly enterprise-level.

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How Can Brands Use the Power of Pop-Ups to Improve Their Brand Awareness?

In today’s oversaturated market, building brand awareness is an absolute imperative. In other words, the process of making sure your brand is known should be your top priority.

You’re probably wondering how you can increase your brand awareness, right?

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19 Practical DIY SEO Tactics You Can Implement Today

Looking for an actionable do-it-yourself SEO guide?

In this guide, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through 19 actionable SEO tactics you can do by yourself today.

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Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions Over 70% of the Time

Google rewrites meta descriptions for pages over 70% of the time, according to a recent study examining search results for 30,000 keywords.

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Reddit Announces Inventory Type Options for Advertising

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Featured Snippet Answer Scores Ranking Signals

An update this week to a patent tells us how Google may score featured snippet answers.

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Where will we go with Personalized Knowledge Graphs?

Personalized Knowledge Graphs are structured information about entities personally related to a particular searcher, the attributes of those entities, the classifications of those entities, and knowledge about relationships between those entities, and between the entities and those attributes.

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Python for SEO using Google Search Console

In this post we will learn how to use python for improving the SEO of your site and understanding opportunities. We will start by exploring google search console data and finding topics that convert well and also topics which get impressions but doesn’t convert.

Lets start by looking at the google search console and export the performance data for our website.

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6 SEO audit tool callouts that drag out myths about Google

Perhaps you’ll agree with me when I say:

SEO audit tools save time and money by helping digital marketers quickly assess technical problem areas on a site so they can be repaired and get on to more important things.

Or do they?

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SWOT Analysis of Social Media

Did you know that 47% of social media marketers report that the biggest challenge they face when it comes to social media marketing is coming up with strategies that support business goals? THIS is where the handy-dandy SWOT analysis comes in to save the day! SWOT stands for Strengths-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats, and completing one of these can help you understand how exactly to utilize social media and strengthen your strategy. The SWOT framework is traditionally used to analyze the internal and external factors that help or hurt a business’s success. A SWOT analysis can help you identify key areas within your social media strategies and campaigns that require improvement or tweaking in order to be successful.

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How to Create an Effective Press Page to Attract Coverage and Links

Would you like to receive more story requests from bloggers and journalists? Don’t you want to see more and more news stories mentioning your brand? Your first step to building more online coverage is to create an effective press page.

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15 No B.S. CRO Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert

Picture this: you’ve spent countless hours working on a piece of content, and your hard work finally pays off in the form of significant traffic.

But before you can celebrate, you soon realize one big issue:

Your traffic doesn’t seem to be converting.

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