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SEO This Week Episode 172

SEO This Week Episode 172

Link Building and Such


Which Is Better for Your Website: Backlinks or Content?

“If I need to choose between backlinks or content, which should I work on first? Which will be more useful for website traffic?”

If you have to choose between creating content and building backlinks, go with content.

Here are four reasons why:

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Online Marketing RFP Template With Sample Questions

It doesn’t matter if this is your first online marketing request for proposal (RFP) or your 50th — digital marketing RFPs can be complicated, time-consuming, and — depending on your company’s status — a bit precarious, too.

On top of that, improving your understanding of online marketing while looking for online firms to help bring your company to the next level is just as complicated and costly. That’s part of the reason why we’ve put together both a guide to online marketing RFPs and a digital marketing RFP template, the latter of which is available for free download.

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Link Building Case Study: How We Built Backlinks With a ‘Stats’ Page (And Ranked #1)

It might look like a relatively standard post, but we strategically created it to attract links from an outreach campaign.

And it worked. We sent 515 emails and got 36 backlinks from 32 websites.

The post now ranks #1 for “SEO stats”:

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Outreach Tips (that are better than anything you’ll find searching Google)

The tips in this post are unorthodox. Almost none can be found on any other page currently ranking in Google’s top few pages of results for outreach tips.

It’s 2020, so your inboxes probably look like mine. Bloated with requests from people you don’t know, overrun by low-quality spammers, a bubbling morass of bandwidth-consuming time vampires mixed in with people and sources you actually *want* to hear from, forcing you to pan for gold amidst the sans serif grays and post-modern white of your mail provider’s “productivity-centric” user experience.

You’ve seen those ludicrous Sci-Fi movies where a character is shunted into the vastness of space, only to be inexplicably-yet-oh-so-predictably bumped-into by some unintentional savior. Your brain registers the odds: equivalent to winning every lottery on Earth without once buying a ticket. But still, you suspend disbelief, toss back the popcorn, and swallow both the puffed-up kernels and the lazy writing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Log Analysis – a 21 Point Checklist

This checklist is designed for all kinds of SEOs who aspire to improve the website’s visibility, increase site’s indexation, and boost organic traffic at the end of the day. This includes accessibility for proper indexation, optimized site structure, beneficial interlinking, elimination of technical errors, and other aspects of on-site SEO. You have your hands on an easy-to-follow action plan with the help of which you will definitely know What to change so to get high rankings in SERP.

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Internal Linking for SEO: best practices, strategies, axioms

This guide is split into two parts: a beginner part that explains internal linking basics [jump] and an advanced internal linking guide [jump]. The advanced part covers axioms, strategies, and best practices.

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Highlighting great user experiences on the mobile web

Over the last decade, Chrome and the web development community have worked towards providing users with a fast, responsive, and delightful browsing experience. Features like <link rel=preload> and native lazy-loading, to name but a few, are helping pages meet this mark. Historically, Chrome has also successfully encouraged the adoption of best-practices such as HTTPS by distinguishing secure from insecure browsing in Chrome's UI.

To help users identify great experiences as they browse, we are excited to announce that Chrome will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web, starting with the labeling of fast links via the link context menu on Chrome for Android. This change will be rolling out starting in Chrome 85 Beta.

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