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SEO This Week Episode 158 - UnBoxing Cora Lite

Welcome to Episode 158 of SEO This Week!  I know I've been gone for a while but for good reason, the news sucked!  With all the negativity going on right now and everyone is locked away in their holes it actually got rather depressing to read blogs about the 101 ways to survive COVID 19.  So rather than coming to you with half-hearted shows I couldn't get in to, I just didn't do them.   I hope you understand.

Today, though, I'm back with some stories that I did find interesting in the last few weeks.  But primarily, during this show, I'm going to unbox the long-awaited Cora Lite software Ted has been teasing everyone about.  During this walkthrough, I'll mash buttons and come up with some ideas to not only optimize my pages but link building as well.

So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Marketing Services During COVID 19 to adjust your marketing services to ensure you are not losing clients during this trying time of COVID-19. Marketing Services During COVID 19 - YouTube


Google: More Granular Levels Of Speed May Become A Ranking Factor's John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout earlier this week that may be in the future Google will look at speed metrics in a more granular way when it comes to ranking. Right now, only super slow sites are really impacted by the speed update but this might change at some point.

I could imagine that over time especially with mobile sites we might find a more granular approach.

But it's really still the case that if you're like tweaking milliseconds and that's probably not the best use of your time if you're only worried about SEO. Google: More Granular Levels Of Speed May Become A Ranking Factor

SEO A/B Testing With Google Tag Manager don't need expensive tools to get started with A/B testing for SEO. Learn how to launch your own tests with free tools.

One of the exciting frontiers in Search Engine Optimization is A/B testing. Historically, most of the discourse around split-testing traffic has been for conversion rate optimization or testing ad copy, and it often leaves SEOs out of the fun!

In this post, I’ll show you the process for implementing an SEO split test from start to finish, only using free tools. SEO A/B Testing With Google Tag Manager - Portent

How to Improve Page Speed from Start to Finish (Advanced Guide) speed is a complex topic. In this guide, Patrick Stox explains how page speed works, and what actions to take to improve your site.

Page speed is a complex topic. Many of the existing articles give you a list of actions to take or plugins to install to help with different aspects of speed. That’s fine, but not all sites are the same. So, in this post, I’ll help you understand how page speed works, and what actions to take for your particular site. How to Improve Page Speed from Start to Finish (Advanced Guide)

Google's Mueller on Indexing of Hidden Tab Content

In a Google Office Hours hangout, Google’s John Mueller corrected a lingering misperception about content hidden behind tabs and accordions. Specifically, he busted the myth that Google weights or values content that’s hidden behind accordions and tabs.

There’s a popular idea that Google treats content that is not immediately visible as less important. But that perception is not supported by official statements from Google. read more at


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