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SEO This Week Episode 156 - Cars, Security, and Tools

Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week!  Episode 156 brings us some cool tools that maybe you've not seen before for content marketers, including tools to help you write and optimize it to be the masterpiece that you intend it to be.  We are also going to be looking at a CTR study that was conducted a while back and then just recently updated after Google changes some of the rules regarding featured snippets. Then we'll look at a couple of tips for your GMB's, redirects, and Google Analytics.

Then we'll round out the show with a site audit!

7 Free Keyword Research Tools for Content Marketers

13 Google Analytics Tracking Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

There’s a high risk of making bad decisions if you’re blindly relying on the data that you see in Google Analytics. You know the saying: garbage in, garbage out.

This guide will help you minimize data skewing factors by fixing these mistakes:


Top 7 Types of Content to Improve Your SEO Rankings – a Guide


How Google’s Search Features Impact Organic CTR

This study presents never-before-seen information on how Google's search features impact click-through rate (CTR) behavior in the search results. To our knowledge, this will be the first such study that marries actual rankings data with real clickstream data.

Key findings in this report include (but are not limited to):

  • As others have reported, no-click queries are a significant part of all searches, but we found that these appear to be much less significant on commercial queries (SERPs that show ads). Clicks go to ads on 28% of all searches with ads, with around 23% of those coming at the expense of ”no-clicks” (clicks that don't result in a click to a website) and the remaining 5% coming at the expense of organic search. As a result, the impact of ads on organic search clicks appears to be fairly small.
  • Traditional CTR models that have been published are largely meaningless because they don't separate CTR behavior for branded queries from non-branded queries. For example, CTR for position 1 on branded queries was 69% in our data and only 19% for non-branded queries.
  • CTR for queries with featured snippets are slightly higher than they are for queries without, but the difference is small enough as not to be significant. Our conclusion is that there are probably many types of featured snippets that give users that answer they want and CTR drops, but that these are offset by other featured snippets that drive much higher CTR.



Google My Business: Car Dealerships Now Can Have Multiple Listings

Google has updated its help documents to allow car dealerships to have multiple Google My Business listings within Google Local and Google Maps. Google said a single car dealership can have a listing for each brand it sells, plus a listing for each brand's sales, parts, or services departments.


Google: Keep Security Certificate On Your Redirected URLs On Site Merges

So you have and you are moving to, do you need to renew the security certificate for the domain if you are just going to be redirecting it to The answer is probably yes, not necessarily for search engines but users may get a browser error on the redirect.


SEO priorities for 2020 and beyond

Every year we wonder if SEO is dead. Far from being, SEO continues to evolve and at a rapid pace. New technologies and methodologies for website development, new Google directives but also new behaviors and search methods.
Do you ever feel lost in all this? Which subjects should be prioritized and which will have the most impact and result?

I believe that we are in an era of search where copying the competition will no longer give you an advantage and it is also exhausting. Also, wanting to put everything in place is almost impossible and if it is, at what cost?
The recipe for SEO in 2020 and beyond: Seize the opportunities and do it differently!

In this article, I share my vision of priority topics and SEO trends in 2020 and beyond so keep reading!


20 Powerful SEO Content Tools to Write Your Best Content Ever

Writing SEO-friendly content goes far beyond finding the right keywords – you need to write content your audience will actually enjoy and is actively searching for online.

And while you could scour the web looking for the latest content tips, nothing works quite as good as having the right tools in your arsenal.

The top SEO content tools are no secret. In this guide, I’m listing the best free and paid content optimization tools experts use every day to create engaging traffic-generating content.

Use these tools and you’ll be well on your way to creating content that ranks high in the Google search results!



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