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Episode 145 - SEO This Week - Link Building, Experts, and Neg SEO

Welcome to Episode 145 of SEO This Week. This week we are going to be taking a look at several posts on link building and how people are discussing different methods of link generation.  We are also looking at Google's latest stance on negative SEO and expired domains which I found interesting.  Finally, we will be looking at combining PPC and SEO into a solid digital marketing campaign anyone can be proud of.

All this and more on Episode 154 of SEO This Week!

How Do I Make My Site Rank For a Keyword?

In my experience, the most common reasons a website doesn't rank for a specific keyword are:

  1. The site isn't actually relevant
  2. There isn't any single page which actually uses that keyword

There are too many pages which use that keyword.


Worst Link Building Advice 2019: 39+ Experts Shared What NOT To Do!

Have you ever tried Googling tips on link building? Well, I have. Surprisingly, most of the posts shared outdated or even wrong information. It took me lots of scrolling to find bits and pieces of valuable advice. And some of the poor-quality posts were ranking remarkably well on Google!

The Internet made it very easy to share your thoughts and ideas with others, which is great. But the flip-side of it is so-called “experts” rushing to give advice on topics they are barely familiar with.

I was not the only one sharing the frustration. By talking to some of my colleagues, I realized that a lot of people actually follow those “expert tips” and get burnt…That is how an idea for this post came to mind. What if I ask digital marketers in my circle to share the worst link building advice they have ever heard about!? Bingo!


29 Free Link Building Tips for Building Links On Little-to-No Budget

Sure, some niches and keywords aren’t competitive–but with 1.5 billion websites all over the world, the vast majority of SERPs are warzones. You need lots of power to reach the top.

The only problem? Some companies have SEO budgets that you’ll never be able to compete with.

…Especially when almost 40% of experts we surveyed said they don’t have any budget for link building, and a further third spend less than $200 per month:


How to Become an SEO Expert (8 Steps)

With demand for SEO professionals higher than ever and average hourly rates sitting between $75-$150, there’s a clear financial incentive to get good at SEO.

But with no colleges offering degrees in SEO, it’s up to you to carve your own path in the industry.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to break into the field and kickstart your journey to becoming an SEO expert in 8 simple steps.


John Mueller Surprises with Answer to a Negative SEO Question

Google’s John Mueller was asked if a site was being penalized because of receiving thousands of adult links. John Mueller suggested the problem was not the links but the domain itself. John’s response surprised the publisher by pointing out a deeper issue that was the likelier cause of the ranking issue.


3 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between SEO and PPC

SEO or PPC? This argument never gets old in the marketing world. Quick, easy-to-attribute wins are often the assumption with paid search campaigns (although not always the case). Organic SEO offers equally great returns in the long run, often bigger in scale and much more permanent in nature.

Yet, according to fresh survey data from QuerryLink, 60% of marketers feel pressured to over-invest in PPC as it demonstrates instant results and offers straightforward measurability. At the same time, Google Ads costs keep rising, while click-through-rates dip as users become savvier in identifying new ad formats and ignoring them. As well, over-focusing on PPC can, at some point, leave your business short of organic visibility. SEO, on the other hand, remains a long and complex game, prone to algorithm changes and a certain degree of unpredictability.

What is the best move then? Consolidate SEO and PPC into one integrated multi-channel strategy.

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