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SEO This Week Episode 142 - Drama, Tracking, and Link Building

Welcome to Episode 142 of SEO This Week!  After taking a week off for some business meetings in Phoenix we are back with some interesting news that got everyone talking.  Specifically, the Wall Street Journal's article about the not so legit things that Google is doing with search.  We also look at some tools and info Google is providing users, some SEO stats, and some tips for tracking your website traffic.

We have a couple of guests on the show as well to talk about a link building tool that is helping people rank pages that you also may be interested in.

30+ SEO Stats from 2019 to Guide Your Strategy in 2020 and Beyond [Infographic]

Are you trying to decide your SEO budget for the year ahead? Want to know the most effective SEO tactics used by others?

The team from Zazzle Media conducted a survey recently covering all this and more, and they’ve collated the results in this infographic.


How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms And Changes Your Results, Bombshell WSJ Report

The WSJ published a comprehensive investigation Friday, How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results, that provides fodder for ongoing or new antitrust investigations of the company, both in the US, and worldwide:

THE JOURNAL’S FINDINGS undercut one of Google’s core defenses against global regulators worried about how it wields its immense power - that the company doesn’t exert editorial control over what it shows users. Regulators’ areas of concern include anticompetitive practices, political bias and online misinformation.


Robots meta tag, data-nosnippet, and X-Robots-Tag specifications

This document details how the page- and text-level settings can be used to adjust how Google presents your content in search results. You can specify page-level settings by including a meta tag on HTML pages or in an HTTP header. You can specify text-level settings with the data-nosnippet attribute on HTML elements within a page.


Site Kit

Google's official WordPress plugin

Get insights about how people find and use your site, how to improve, and monetize your content, directly in your WordPress dashboard


Google Search News (Nov ‘19) – Site Kit, updates in Search Console, and more – YouTube



What are the Most Accurate Sources for Website Traffic Data?

Web marketers are locked in a death embrace spiral with 3rd party analytics tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and others. Every year I see more people sharing screen reports of traffic estimates from these tools when asking for helping or bragging about how great their SEO strategies are.

These 3rd-party traffic reports are unreliable, highly inaccurate, and the worst-possible examples you can use for proving traffic growth or problems.


SEO Takes Time, This Saves You Time

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