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SEO This Week Episode 140 - Taxonomies, Mueller, & NLP

Welcome to Episode 140 of SEO This Week!  Today we are going to talk about the elephant in the room, Google's BERT update and what we see in regards to optimizing for it.

An SEOs guide to taxonomies

This guide is for anyone who wants to understand and strengthen the relationship between their site’s pages, improve their site architecture and build authority and relevance to key landing pages.


Welcome BERT: Google’s latest search algorithm to better understand natural language

Google is making the largest change to its search system since the company introduced RankBrain, almost five years ago. The company said this will impact 1 in 10 queries in terms of changing the results that rank for those queries.


Google’s John Mueller On Link Velocity and Penalties

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about getting links too fast and if that would trigger a penalty. The rate at which links are acquired is known in the SEO community as link velocity. John Mueller’s answer provided insight into the topic of getting links too fast and whether that results in penalties.

Link velocity is the idea that a high rate of link growth is a bad thing. The patent describes how a new site with a high rate of link growth can be judged to be more relevant than an older site.

How To Do Keyword Research in 2020

The future brings with it all sorts of exciting opportunities for improved efficiency; screens are getting bigger, microchips smaller, and everything is getting faster.

Keyword research is no different From The Future, the process has become more streamlined than ever before to get meaningful competitive intelligence into a digital vertical market – and pretty darn fast.

On-page SEO for NLP

Traditional on-page SEO guidance is to target a primary phrase, its near-related terms, and its longtail variants by using them in the text and placing them in strategic locations on the page (i.e., title, headings, early in content, throughout the content). However, writing for Natural Language Processing, or NLP, requires some additional steps and considerations.

Managing on-page SEO for Google’s NLP capabilities requires a basic understanding of the limitations of its parser and the intelligence behind the logic. In practical terms, this is technical SEO for content understanding. Writing for NLP requires clear, structured writing and an understanding of word relationships.


Can Cloudflare Actually Hurt Your Website’s SEO? (Case Study)

There have been many ifs and buts on the correlation of Cloudflare SEO. However, the debate still remains open-ended leaving people skeptical on “Whether Cloudflare will impact my website’s ranking or not?

Redefining Traffic Opportunity Analysis With Ahrefs & Python

Keyword research is a fundamental process that helps search engine marketers to understand where the market opportunity is and what searchers care about.

Keyword research is a fundamental process that helps search engine marketers to understand where the market opportunity is and what searchers care about.

After using tools such as Ahrefs/SEOMoz or SEMrush, you can obtain either a list of top pages or keywords which highlight all of the potential market opportunity with metrics including monthly search volume, traffic value ($) and top keyword.


SEO Takes Time, This Saves You Time

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