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SEO This Week Episode 139 - Coding, Links, Mapping

Welcome to Episode 139 of SEO This Week!  We have a bunch of great stories and tips for you this week that I'm sure you'll find useful.  I also have a couple posts that may or may not help you decide to take up learning a bit of coding to make your SEO tasks just a bit easier.  I hope you enjoy the show!

Google: Only Invest In Link Audits If There Was Shady SEO

Google's Gary Illyes said you really only need to invest in a link audit if you had some shady SEO done on your site in the past. He said otherwise, if you are just looking for better rankings, there is no need for a link audit to be done.


21 Ways to Promote Your Blog (In 2019)


SEO Horror Stories: 2019 eCommerce Edition – Dan Taylor


Google: Ignore Link Spam Ransom Attempts

Google's John Mueller is once again telling webmasters that they do not need to respond or lose sleep over ransom link spam attempts. These are when you get an email from someone saying if you don't do X, i.e. pay us, we will spam your site with bad links, which will result in your site being negatively impacted in Google Search.


7 practical ways to write copy that converts


Baidu SEO: Content Delivery, Speed & Accessibility

When working with clients on optimizing their websites for the Chinese market, a common early conversation is that of the Great Firewall and how to serve content in China effectively.

Getting indexed in Baidu is also touted as being a difficult challenge, but that’s not the case.


An Introduction to Python for Technical SEO

Python has been receiving a lot of attention within the SEO community recently.

So, being the curious technical SEO that I am, I started looking into why and before I knew it, I was deep into learning and applying it.

It’s fair to say that I have fallen in love with the language over the past few months that I have been learning it and want to share it with everyone, to show how it can help automate SEO tasks.


50+ of the Best PR Tools Every Marketer Should Try

Have you noticed that brands, big and small, have turned into content producing machines? High-quality content is crucial for attracting customers through all digital marketing channels, including SEO. To prove that, recent experiments have shown that sites with exceptional content depth rank higher. Although great content tends to attract links by itself, you and I both know that reaching out to influencers, bloggers, and media never hurts. What's even more important, outreach seems to be an area where the lines between SEO and PR become blurry. Thus, SEO professionals can benefit if they know more about best PR practices and tools.


The September 2019 Google Core Update – Case studies, health and medical volatility, Discover impact, “baby algorithms”, and revisiting the “kitchen sink” approach to remediation

Google typically pushes broad core ranking updates only a few times per year, and on September 24, 2019, they pushed yet another. Google’s Danny Sullivan pre-announced the update on Twitter and explained like previous core updates, it would be a global update and could take several days to fully roll out.

Although it was quiet initially, we began to see impact a full day or two into the rollout, with some sites surging and others dropping across categories and countries. That shouldn’t shock anyone who follows core updates closely… I often explain that they can make the earth shake.


Niche Review Sites by Business Category – Updated 2019

300+ Industry Review Sites for 30 Business Sectors – updated October 2019!



What is Keyword Mapping? Visualize Your Keyword Research

In short, keyword mapping is the process of linking keywords to target pages. The goal of keyword mapping, however, is to provide a framework to work from and to make sure all of your keywords have a designated area. The main reasons to map keywords is to avoid keyword cannibalization and to streamline the process for me to hand off my writing assignments to my content writer.


Why Learn SQL for SEO?

If you’re an SEO, you’re probably running a ton of different audits and analyses.

There are content audits, technical audits, internal link analyses, on-page audits, keyword gap analyses, etc.

To build these audits and analyses, you have to use various SEO tools. At my agency, we’re using ~10 right now, and I bet that’s on the lower end of most.

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