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SEO This Week Episode 138 - Tools, Analysis, and Strategy

Welcome to Episode 138 of SEO This Week!  This week we are bringing you 13 stories from around the web that include some tips, some tools, and a whole lot of great information!

I'm highlighting a superstar in the Facebook community that has created some great scripts for you to use in Google Chrome to help with some of your more tedious SEO tasks.  We're looking at some info from Gary IIlyes that was gathered during Pubcon in Vegas this week.  And we have an analysis of Google's September 2019 Core Update that should interest just about everyone.  Finally, we look at some tips to grow your brand and content writing that should help you out.  Finally, we have some tips on link building that you may find useful.

All this on Episode 138 of SEO This Week!

Big Survey: 14 Link Building Strategies Professionals Choose in 2019


Q&A with Gary IIlyes – Pubcon Vegas 2019

Jennifer Slegg challenged Gary Illyes with some excellent questions at Pubcon Vegas this year. Of all of the Google employee AMA’s I have attended, this was the most valuable. I want to thank Gary for giving us such helpful answers.

I was personally in the session and live tweeted the whole thing. Because there was so much helpful information I decided to write it all down in a blog post. Wherever possible I did my best to quote Gary verbatim (as indicated by quotation marks). For those who are interested, we also added our thoughts, interpretations and links to helpful sources.


A Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Just about everyone getting their start in the digital advertising industry has a run in with the infamous Display LUMAscape graphic.

Yes, it’s tough to make heads or tails of this. But it indicates a larger, inherent problem with the industry: no one really knows what’s going on.

So, we decided to take a stab at making it a little easier to digest with a beginner’s guide to programmatic advertising:


SEO Script. Get all the People Also Ask questions from the SERP. · GitHub


SEO Ruler Extension


SEO script to view page on-page content fast. · GitHub


SEO script, quick JSON-LD structured data view/check. · GitHub


WPML Introduces New String Translation Which Reduces Load Page Times By 50%

The most popular multilingual plugin on WordPress is WPML. More than 700,000 websites use WPML to translate their content. You can use WPML to translate everything including text, strings, SEO, images and much more.

However, one of its criticisms has been that adding WPML to your website slows it down. Not anymore. WPML has revamped its String Translation which reduces your load page times by more than 50%. It means that using WPML to make your website multilingual will have no effect on its performance.


Google’s September 2019 Core Update – Full Analysis Of Over 6,600,000 Pages

If you've been negatively impacted by the latest September 25th (or even the Oct 3rd) 2019 core update by Google, then you won't like what I have to say.

Google has been making changes to the algorithm that go beyond just the front-facing link and on-page metrics...

And instead, they are refining the details within their algorithm which can sometimes have a major impact on search visibility.

Small Google tweaks, big consequences.


We Analyzed 5.2 Million Webpages. Here’s What We Learned About PageSpeed


Top Twitter Strategies to Grow Your Brand In 2020

With over 321 million active users per month, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that is well worth building a presence on. As far as business communication and marketing is concerned, Twitter remains one of the primary social media platforms to create connections, spread the word, and build your brand.


Bing’s Web Crawler Goes Evergreen, Improves JavaScript Crawling

Microsoft announced today at Pubcon that Bing is adopting Microsoft Edge to run JavaScript and render webpages with Bingbot.

In addition, Bingbot will be continually updated to the latest version of Microsoft Edge going forward, making it evergreen like Googlebot.


SEO Content Writing Done Right – Create Content that Google Wants to Rank at the Top

We know that there’s no such thing as perfection nor the perfect content marketing recipe. Yet, you can get close to it and create a piece of content that Google will want to rank. We’re not saying that it’s easy but it’s surely not impossible, especially when you have at your disposal the right content tools that can give you a big help.

It all started with thorough research to find the right ingredients that could build the perfect piece of SEO content, the “divine” copy, the father of all that has ever been written, the kid you have ever wanted, the … you get my point. So keep reading and take notes!

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