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SEO This Week Episode 136 - Mike Steffens on Google Maps

Welcome to episode 136 of SEO This Week.  We are joined by Mike Steffens who is a local SEO and Google Maps expert.  I've known Mike on Facebook for quite a while and he's a very opinioned personality with a closet full of knowledge he doesn't share all that often so this looks to be a great episode.

We are also looking at the mysterious .htaccess file for SEO purposes and the scientific method of SEO testing.

All this and more on Episode 136 of SEO This Week

Google Maps is testing its incognito mode with some users now

Some Google Maps users have been sent emails in the past 48 hours or so that invite them to join in on the incognito beta for Google Maps. This enables the incognito toggle in the Android app immediately, and once activated, the app relaunches with none of the searches, location data, or other activity in the app stored on your Google account.


We Analyzed 1.5 Million Title tags to find out what the ideal length is for SEO in 2019 (Hint: It’s not 80 characters anymore)

So in this post, we have looked at 1.5 million title tags to see what the most successful pages have in common and the results might surprise you.


The Scientific Method for SEO: 6 Steps to Find Your True Ranking Factors

“Is _____ a ranking factor?”

If you’re like me, you’ve received that question more times than you can count. Also if you’re like me, your answer to this question has become a lot more subjective over the years.


3 Quick-Win Google Data Studio Tips for SEO Reporting

Google Data Studio is an extremely powerful reporting tool for SEOs to report on organic traffic performance and performance towards goals. It can provide extra layers of analysis and insights, but it can take time to identify these types of findings. While there are some features of Google Data Studio (GDS) that are easy to incorporate into your SEO dashboards, there are a few GDS tricks that you can use to save time on SEO reporting and analysis.


5 Free Microsoft Excel Digital Marketing Reporting Templates

Excel is a very powerful data-crunching tool. After you have populated the template with your data you can take advantage of formulas and other functions to dig even deeper into your insights and analysis. From this article, you will learn what each template will provide you and how you can leverage each tab to uncover useful insights.


.htaccess for SEO

.htaccess for SEO is all about using Apache's .htaccess file to improve your websites technical search engine optimization (SEO). The .htaccess file is a distributed server configuration file for the Apache webserver. You can use it to create redirects, modify HTTP headers, manage crawling, and so much more!

In this guide, I will not focus on keyword research, link attraction, rank tracking, or user intent. The focus of this guide will be almost entirely the last of the major SEO disciplines, technical SEO.

In this guide we will talk about redirects, HTTP headers, resource compression, crawling, indexing, caching and a lot more!

We will dive deep into URLs, duplicate content, and page speed.


52 Experts Reveal Best SEO Reporting Tools (and Must-Have Features)

SEO reporting software is an essential investment for any agency or online marketer.

First, it shows the value of your work, and helps justify a client's investment in your services.

And second, it helps identify issues and opportunities for growth.

But it’s important to remember that while some tools are suitable for reporting on all aspects of an SEO campaign, others are built to track performance in specific areas; e.g. rank tracking, link building, or audits, etc.

With countless SEO reporting tools on the market, I decided to reach out to 52 SEO experts to see which software their agencies and businesses use to report on SEO performance.

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