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SEO This Week Episode 134 - Updates, Accuracy, Opinions

Welcome to Episode 134 of SEO This Week!

I missed last week due to the holiday and having to catch up on a bunch of work I ignored, so this week we have a bunch of great stories to show off.

We have a great piece of content on copied content and its effect on a health site, a content strategy framework, and a look at contextual knowledge panels.  Then we have some tips posts showing how to do keyword mapping with Data Studio, generate text from images with Python, and how to get those bold terms out of the search results.  Then we round out the show looking at ranking factor opinions, a backlink tool comparison study, schema, and anchor text optimization.

All this an more on Episode 134 of SEO This Week!

Google’s Core Algorithm Updates and Copied Content: The Domino Effect of Negative Impact

There’s never a dull moment in Google Land. And that’s especially the case for health and medical sites over the past year starting with the Medic Update in August of 2018. Since then, we have seen several major core updates, which seem to include a new method of evaluating quality for health and medical sites. Google’s John Mueller explained more about the changes in a webmaster hangout video in May.

That algorithmic change has led to some insane volatility for various sites in the health and medical niche. Some are surging and dropping with every update, which is a clear sign that Google is heavily tinkering with those algorithms (turning the dial-up and down to try and find the right balance). I’ve been pretty vocal that I believe Google hasn’t figured this out yet… and I believe we’ll see even more volatility in the health space with the next core update (which we are due for).

I’ve had the opportunity to help a number of health and medical sites over the years, and even more since last August when the Medic Update landed. It’s been fascinating to see the impact, surface problems across those sites, watch some sites surge, others drop more, and some ride the “Google roller coaster” (surging and dropping with each core update). Like I said earlier, there’s never a dull moment in Google Land.


Nearly 50 states’ attorneys general join in an antitrust investigation of Google

Highly anticipated, it’s now official. State attorneys general have launched formal probes of Google and Facebook. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will lead an investigation of alleged anti-competitive behavior by Google and, separately, New York Attorney General Letitia James is spearheading another multistate probe into Facebook. The latter was announced last week.


The Content Strategy Framework of the Top 1% of B2B Companies

Keep on blogging and eventually, you’ll create a river of leads. They’ll flow in all day every day. You’ll rank, convert and create demand, just as long as you keep blogging.

That’s what they say. Blog enough and you’ll eventually win.

But it doesn’t seem to work that way. Some content programs achieve results much sooner, while others never get there. So what’s the difference? Why are some content strategies so successful while others are not?


Contextual Knowledge Panels at Google

SEO doesn’t come with an instruction manual – it would be easier if it did. But for some things we just don’t know all the rules about how they work, such as knowledge panels. We do sometimes get some hints from places like patents, and one that was granted at the start of this month added to some information I experienced about knowledge panels in the past.

All knowledge panels may be contextual knowledge panels, depending upon context-based words that might accompany a query with an entity named in it.


Google: Our Systems Cannot Determine Accuracy Of Content

Danny Sullivan from Google said on Twitter "Machines can't tell the "accuracy" of content. Our systems rely instead on signals we find align with the relevancy of topic and authority." So Google cannot determine the accuracy of content, I guess.


Reports at a glance

An overview of the Search Console reports and tools

Here is a summary of the current Search Console reports, and a few older, but useful reports and tools.


Google Says Goodbye to the Old Search Console

Google is officially sunsetting the old version of the Search Console. Users who try to access the old version will be redirected to relevant pages in the new Search Console.


Get Bolded Terms From Google with a Script



Which Is The Best Backlink Checker? – The Million Domain Case Study

To find out which is the best backlink checker, I devised a real test.

I decided to:

Take the 5x best backlink checkers on the market

Use them to collect data for the same 1x million links

To see who had the biggest – and best – database out there.

The result? Well…


Google: Headings Won’t Make Or Break Your Sites Rankings

Google's John Mueller said in a Reddit thread that while "headings on a page are great for SEO & accessibility, but they're not going to make or break your sites rankings."


How to Integrate Keyword Mapping into Data Studio

Keyword mapping is what separates the pros from the beginners. When we learn how to do keyword research, we start with simple keyword lists that may look something like this:

Keyword 1 – volume

Keyword 2 – volume

Keyword 3 – volume

The reality is that this may actually be fine for small sites with a single service business.

However, enterprise organizations with multiple brands and multiple services per brand require a more complex solution.


How to Generate Text from Images with Python

Images are important to search visitors not only because they are visually more attractive than text, but they also convey context instantly that would require a lot more time when reading text.

Google believes image improvements in search engines will help users more purposely visit pages that match their intentions.


Google Ranking Factors 2019: Opinions from 1,500+ Professional SEOs

In August of 2019, 1,584 professionals in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) took a survey sharing their opinions on the relative use and merit of various inputs in Google’s ranking systems. This report shares the aggregated results of that survey. Each year, the survey will be repeated to show trends of how ranking factor opinions shift.


Trick Out Your Schema

This guide will cover schema markup, its many search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, and how you can use schema markup to trick out your Google search listings. Schema for structured data is a focus of Google, and whatever is a priority for Google, should probably be a priority for you.


The Data-Backed Anchor text Optimization Formula for Maximum SEO Results

But there’s more to backlinks than just the sheer number of them.

Authority of the referring URL matters a lot.

Relevancy matters too.

And finally, there’s the anchor text to every backlink that Google considers important as well.

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