SEO This Week Episode 130 – GMB Rank Tracking

Welcome to episode 130 of SEO This Week.  This week we are joined by Jordan Pearce to take a look at his new Google My Business rank tracker that comes with hopes to make the process more accurate.

We're also looking at psychological web design, a couple useful tools to do your work, and Google taking away options for advertisers that are claimed to be “good” but only seem expensive to me.

All this and more on Episode 130 of SEO This Week!

[Video] Five Things We Discovered Analyzing 45,000 Google My Business Listings – BrightLocal

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The 21 Psychological Elements that Power Effective Web Design

You’re staring at a blank screen. You need to wireframe a landing page by the end of the day, or this campaign is going to be delayed AGAIN. Your CMO can’t afford another delay and neither can you. How do you build an effective landing page from scratch?

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SEO ‑ All in One & Auto SEO

SEO – All in one & Automated app helps store owner to get higher rank on various search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

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Really Simple Keyword Tool (RSKT)

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Simple Banner Tool

The Simple Banner Tool is an easy-to-use (and free) tool that allows you to create beautiful, designer-quality display ads for your Google Display Network campaigns in a few seconds.

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Google extends same-meaning close variants to phrase match, broad match modifiers

When same-meaning close variants rolled out to exact match keywords last fall, the joke was that phrase match was more exact than exact match. That joke’s dead now.

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Affordable log management & event analytics

Collect for years, query in seconds

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17 Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019

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Self-Managed WordPress SEO Hosting with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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How To Increase Search Visibility With FAQ Rich Snippets

Once you have watched the video below I guarantee you stop everything you are doing to implement it immediately.

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