SEO This Week Episode 126 – Evolution, Robots, Sandbox

Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week Episode 126.  This week we are taking a look at the new rules for the robots.txt of your site.  We are also looking at the neverending argument that changing the date of your content works for freshness.  We discuss if there is a Google sandbox or not.  Finally, we close out the show with a discussion on the evolution of digital marketing.

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Google: Updating a Page’s Publishing Date Won’t Make it Rank Better

Google’s John Mueller recently advised that updating the publishing date of a page won’t have an impact on rankings.

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A note on unsupported rules in robots.txt

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Google Sandbox: Is it still affecting new sites in 2019?

While Google has never confirmed the existence of such a system, many SEOs believe that it exists. They claim so because they have seen such effects on websites that they are trying to rank. This is why it is extremely difficult to avoid being placed in the Google Sandbox when your domain is new.

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Evolution – CCarter Weekly #3

I know a portion of the audience is not going to like this, good. It's not for them. They'll be gone, with their market shares shrinking day by day, week by week – Year Over Year traffic and profits dwindling and then poof, nada. However, the ones that get IT, at least you'll have a chance. We're not all going to make it.

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SEO Services Report

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