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SEO This Week Episode 124 - Link Building and Ranking Factory

Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week!

This week we take a look at a couple of great posts that include some cool tips for reporting and data analysis (don't worry, they are pretty easy to understand).  We look at some link building methods and some tools to leverage them.  And we get a big shocker announcement from Google.

Finally, we show you how to build out a Cloud Stack and how Ranking Factory helps with the process.

All this and more on Episode 124 of SEO This Week!

Ranking Factory Links

How to Mine the SERPs for SEO, Content & Customer Insights

Google cares about creating the best search experience today, so people come back and search again tomorrow.

One way it does that is by selecting the parts of a page it wants to appear in a SERP feature or in SERP-displayed metadata that it thinks best match the context or query-intent a person has when they use the search engine.

With that in mind, the ability to analyze the language of the SERPs at scale has the potential to be an incredibly valuable tactic for an SEO, and not just to improve ranking performance.


How to Predict Your Organic Traffic: Two Methods

How to predict organic traffic is a question that comes up frequently in debates when SEO consultants and third parties discuss a planned SEO strategy.

As SEO isn’t an exact science, and due to the absence of general truths that apply to all industries (number of words per page, etc.) and of exact numbers (cost per click, etc.), SEO by its very nature makes mathematical predictions difficult.


Google: Links & Title Tags Matter To Ranking

Guess what - in 2019 - it turns out that links and title tags still matter to doing well in Google's search results. We had John Mueller from Google said links matter for PageRank and thus building trust. Gary Illyes from Google say that HTML title tags also matter for SEO.



A Link Builder’s Guide To Gmail



Top 6 local link building strategies to consider in 2019

It's hard to doubt that in 2019 links still have a massive influence on rankings. But even though it's a well-known fact, a lot of small business owners still underestimate and even deny the power of link building. The truth is, links define the authority of your webpages and domain— the two factors that Google considers when ranking pages. So if you don't want to kiss your rankings goodbye, make sure to invest your time and effort in quality link building.


How to Forecast SEO Potential With Google Data Studio

This model requires a little bit of work on your end. I wish it was as simple as entering your domain name, but this is more of a research exercise.

The data is sourced in Google Sheets and is presented in Data Studio. My data studio dashboard is completely interactive and allows you to filter down by keyword and position increase scenario.



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