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SEO This Week Episode 121 - Monitoring Metrics, Backlinks, and SerpWoo

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 121.  This week I've invited Jason Brown from SerpWoo to talk about how he uses his tool to build his niche research posts.  We also look at a bunch of great stories from the web including one that shows us how to put GSA Search Engine Ranker to use for monitoring backlinks with is a game changer if you take the time to set it up right!

All this and more on SEO This Week Episode 121

Analyzing Google’s New Desktop “People Also Search For” Box

The “People also search for” result isn’t new to desktop SERPs, but the rejigging it received in February last year turned it into an entirely different box worth investigating.

And since we know you’re wondering what’s inside, we played the Somerset to your Mills and took a look for you.

What we found was an amped up, URL-centric version of the original PASF box, the “People also ask” box, and the “Searches related to” you see at the bottom of the SERP — it’s a keyword goldmine and chock-full of content ideas, straight from the horse’s mouth (Google).

Image SEO in short

Image SEO can be a game-changer for your business.

In order to be successful at image SEO, pay attention to:

  • Your images’ discoverability, crawlability, and indexability
  • The authority of the pages your images are on
  • Those pages’ topical relevance
  • Image captions
  • Image attributes (file name, format, size, and alt and title attributes)
  • How fast your images load

How to Manage and Monitor Your Tiered Backlinks

In this post, I am going to explain how I use GSA SER to manage and monitor tiered links built from SEO Autopilot and other various sources.

I used to manage my links in Google spreadsheet and folders of text files in the hard drive, but it was a pain to access them all at one place.

This method keeps all the backlinks in one place. It is critical because I am building links with SEOAutopilot, Manual web2.0 and blog comments and bunch of other resources. All I have to do is paste the links in the appropriate SER project, and it will show everything under one dashboard like below screenshot.

Local Business Websites and Google My Business Comparison Report

  • Consumers trust details from local business websites more than Google My Business or online directories
  • Only 8% of consumers never look at websites when choosing which local business to use

50% of consumers would be deterred from using a local business if contact information was out of date on their website

Exploring Google’s New How-to Snippets In Search And On Smart Displays: SERP Treatment, Fresh GSC Data, Video Templates, Monetization, and more

Marketing Metrics: 73 Metrics to Get your KPIs in Order

Google on Domain Penalties that Don’t Expire

Google’s John Mueller was presented with a peculiar situation of a website with zero notifications of a manual action that cannot rank for it’s own brand name. Mueller analyzed the situation, thought it through, then appeared to reach the conclusion that maybe Google was keeping it from ranking.

This is a problem that has existed for a long time, from before Mueller worked at Google. It’s a penalty that’s associated with a domain that remains even if the domain is registered by a new buyer years later.


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