SEO This Week Episode 120 – Audits, Promotion, and More!

Welcome to Episode 120 of SEO This Week!  This week we are looking at the new changes to Google's quality rater guidelines, images in featured snippets, link spam and Google's filters, and closing it out with some traffic generation tips.  We are also looking at a great post for you Amazon affiliates!

Google Updates Quality Rater Guidelines Targeting E-A-T, Page Quality & Interstitials

There is a brand new version of the Google Quality Rater Guidelines, and here are all the changes Google has made to the guidelines and why these changes are important. The new version is dated May 16, 2019, and replaces the one released back in 2018.

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How To Get Your Images in a Featured Snippet

An UpBuild client recently asked why the image in Google featured snippets are often provided by a different website than the one from which the text content is taken. This has been the case for quite some time now and it’s fair to say that while a page may provide the most useful answer, the same page might not convey the most useful visual.

There is a system in place for images; we just (as is the case with most things Google does) don’t know exactly what it is, and it appears to be different than the one for text. SEOs talk a lot about how to structure text for featured snippets – I wanted to see if we can definitively learn how to get an image included in featured snippets too.

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Why are Googlers So Confident About Link Spam?

Google’s John Mueller recently discussed the disavow tool and how some inside Google feel it’s unnecessary. The reason it’s presumed to be unnecessary is that Google’s ability to ignore spam links makes the disavow tool no longer useful to Google or to web publishers. Does Google really catch and ignore all spam links?

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Google’s First SEO Mythbusting Video Didn’t Have Mythbusting

Watching the comments about Google's first mythbusting video reminds me of the comments around the final season of Game of Thrones. All this hype for this series and the first show did not live up to its expectations. To be fair, the Googlers who put this together are not film producers while HBO is.

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Surviving an Audit by Amazon Associates – Niche Site Project

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