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SEO This Week Episode 119 - Hacks, Analysis, Schema

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 119!

This week we are going to have Henrik Hansen on to talk with us about the new schema features Google is implementing.  We are going to look at some highlights from the Google State of the Union address.  We are also going to highlight some data hacks that you can implement for you or your clients right away.

All this and more on Episode 119 of SEO This Week!

13 SEO Takeaways from Google’s 2019 State of the Union Address

Every year at the “State of the Union” address, representatives from Google Search announce new features, drop tips, and give hints to the things that matter to the company. This year’s address at last week’s “Google I/O 19” conference is worth watching. The speakers are Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt.

How to Spy on Competitors with Python & Data Studio

Whether you’re new to SEO or a seasoned pro, investigating random drops in keyword rankings is just part of the trade.

There are many methods to investigating why your targeted keywords may have dropped, but using Python and Data Studio together is a game changer!

Evergreen Googlebot with Chromium rendering engine: What technical SEOs need to know

It’s been an exciting week with important announcements from the stage at the 2019 Google I/O event. Probably the most impactful announcement is that Google has now committed to regularly updating its Googlebot crawl service to begin using the most recent stable version of their headless Chromium rendering engine. This is a significant leap forward with more than 1,000 features now supported over the previous version.

#Google Webmaster Hangouts Notes – 3 May 2019 – Part 1

Welcome to MarketingSyrup! This post is part of my Google Webmaster Hangouts Notes. I cover them regularly to save you time.

Here are the notes from May 3rd. When I already had so much content while I didn’t get through the whole video, I decided to break this down into 2 parts. This is the first part, enjoy! The timestamps of the answers are in the brackets.

Google Officially Launches FAQ & How-To Structured Data Markup

Google announced it a year ago at Google I/O 2018 but didn't launch FAQ and How-to structured data until a year later at this years 2019 Google I/O event. It comes with new rich results and new Google Search Console enhancement reports.

The 2019 Analysis of SEO for Attorneys

We lay a deep foundation in our Higher Education article that goes into our methodology and reasoning for doing the research. Reading this will give you insight into what we are working with and our direction.

Our Local Marketing research shows how each SERP is different and confirms several findings from our Higher Education findings. Some things worked in Local that worked in Higher Ed, and some things were unique to Local Marketing niches.

In the eCommerce study, we see Google searching out specific tidbits like breadcrumbs and images. These insights are helping locate intent and helping sites in eCom stand out. Again, we find specific items that were confirmed in the last two studies while some things are unique to eCommerce.

SEO Case Studies


3 Hacks for Analysts to Help Teams Get More From Your Data

Delivering a data analysis that both motivates and enables marketers to take action is where the rubber meets the road in analytics.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s no longer just about driving more traffic to your website to increase sales. To really increase sales you need to optimize your website experience to convert more of your visitors. This new technique is called conversion rate optimization (CRO), and many websites already gain great results from it.


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