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SEO This Week Episode 117 - Paid GMB's, Bugs, Article Spinning

Welcome to SEO This Week Episode 117.  This week I'm fresh off speaking at a closed door SEO conference in Tempe, Arizona.  This, combined with the fact there wasn't much good content put out by our industry this week, leaves us with just a couple articles to go over.

This week our four stories take a look at leveraging HTML5 for semantic markup, a Google bug that they actually announced, and a cool post on SEO considerations during your website redesign project.

I also take you through my article spinning process that isn't the fastest but works the best, when you want to leverage the technique.

All this and more on Episode 117 of SEO This Week!

The SEO Advantages of Machine-Readable HTML5 Semantic Markup

Semantic HTML5 provides us with an opportunity to improve our websites and optimize for search engines. We can take full advantage of these opportunities by using machine-readable semantic HTML5 elements to describe page outlines. Specially-named containers can help search engines and browsers more easily identify how our pages are arranged.

Google Search Bug Selecting Unrelated Canonical URLs & Indexing Issues

Google has announced on Twitter a new bug yesterday, this time with Google possibly selecting unrelated canonical URLs. Google said this can impact breadcrumb trails on mobile which might reflect the unrelated URLs. Google also said, "in rare cases, it might prevent proper indexing."

Use This SEO Strategy for Your Next Website Redesign

Redesigning your website presents a significant risk from an SEO standpoint if not managed appropriately.

If your redesign strategy includes taking SEO into account post-launch, you’ll probably end up in for a world of hurt.

Google may decide to charge for Google My Business listings

Google is sending out surveys to some local businesses to see if they would pay for some features they are currently getting for free from the search engine company. Google My Business is a free service from Google that gives businesses the ability to update their information and in exchange, Google provides searchers with local search results that are accurate and relevant. But Google may decide to start charging a monthly fee to the current free service they offer.

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