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SEO This Week Episode 116 - Schema, Event SEO, and Anchor Text

Hey there!  Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week, I'm bringing you a ton of great articles this week that just might shed some light on old topics.  Plus we have some great ideas to help you expand your market that I am sure you will love.

First, Episode 116 brings you the recordings from Brighton SEO, this should be helpful since last week I shared the slides.  Then we take a look at another roll-up of the Google Webmaster Hangouts from the 18 April live stream.  Yoast launched a new feature in their plugin, we'll examine that plus some more tips on optimizing schema markup.  Finally, we'll take a look at building traffic through forums and event spam SEO.

All this and more on Episode 116 of SEO This Week!

BrightonSEO Live Stream

We are live-stream partners of the biggest search marketing conference in the world #BrightonSEO!

Part one:
Part two:

Google Might Change How NoIndex In Robots.txt Works

For years Google has been communicating and we've been reporting that Google does not support using the noindex direction within your robots.txt file. Well, people still use it and now Gary Illyes from Google is on the case - he may end up making sure it completely doesn't work.  Read More...

#Google Webmaster Hangouts Notes – 18 April 2019

Find the notes from April 18th below, the timestamps of the answers are in the brackets.  Read More...

Google Ranking Factors 2019: Increase Your Search Traffic

An Anchor Text Guide for PBNs (A Study of 54k Backlinks)

Few topics are as hotly debated among SEOs as anchor text. Where should it be located? How long should it be? What terms should be targeted and how many of them? There’s a lot of disagreement, and behind even the most confident theories, a lot of guesswork.

Fortunately, the work we’ve just completed should take a lot of the guesswork out of creating anchors, at least where PBN networks are involved. See, we’ve just completed what may be the most exhaustive case study of anchor text links placed on PBN sites ever performed.

Event Spam SEO

This blog post is about a spam technique whereby a page with zero authority can appear for a high volume search term by hijacking part of a brand’s local snippet. As far as I’m aware this hasn’t been written about before. Check it out:

How To Add Links To Instagram Stories (Even If You Don’t Have 10k Followers)

If you have Instagram, you have Stories.

With a massive increase in daily active users - 500 million people around the world use Instagram Stories on a daily basis, this feature has changed the meaning of Instagram. Now social media managers have to create a specific content strategy for this new channel.

Today, I'm going to show you two ways of adding links - one for those who have the possibility within the app, the other one for those who have no link option in Stories.

Yoast SEO Becomes First WordPress Plugin to Offer Proper Schema Implementation

Popular WordPress plugin Yoast is releasing an update which offers complete implementation of markup.

Optimizing SEO with Schema Markup

What is schema markup, and why should lawyers care about it? In this episode of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street talk to Martha van Berkel about all things schema markup, a.k.a. structured data. Martha explains how this data language helps search engines understand what people are looking for in the real world and connects them to optimal search results. They discuss how lawyers can apply schema markup in their SEO and how understanding what drives online engagement can help lawyers make better business decisions.


How to Build Traffic Through Forums

Forum marketing might be the most underutilized traffic generation strategy on the planet.

Now, I’m going to teach you how you can do the same thing for your site, no matter what niche you’re in. The first step is to find forums in your niche that are active. This is the best search string you can probably use. You want to use your keyword in quotes plus forum.


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