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SEO This Week Episode 115 - Brand Audit, Advanced SEO, Google Currents

Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week! This week bring you 7 different articles on a variety of topics that cover the latest news and information in the world of search.

Some of the topics include a collection of Brighton SEO slides, Google search commands, Advanced SEO, SEO pricing, indexing issues, and LinkedIN SEO tips.

All this and more on Episode 115 of SEO This Week!

BrightonSEO Slides April 2019
This is a collection of slide presentations from the Brighton SEO conference. I'm not sure they are all included, however, the bulk of the presentations are pretty interesting. Read More...

New Google Search Commands – Before: and After:
Google’s Danny Sullivan today announced new search commands, the before: and after: commands. The new commands allows users to restrict searches to specific dates. The new search command is something Google is testing. Read More...

Most SEOs Say Redirect, Not 404, When Pruning Old Content
Cyrus Shepard posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs what is better to do when pruning old content, to 301 redirect or 404 the page. That is if the page cannot be updated to have better content, what do you do? Either (a) Noindex/Remove (noindex, 404, 410) or (b) 301 Redirect to a relevant, better page. I was surprised by the results, I have to be honest. Almost 800 responses and 77% said you should go the 301 redirect route. Read More...

Five Principles Of Advanced SEO
This post does not pick on Google. It picks on us. We’re passive. Lazy. Dependent on Google to give us SEO advice. We jump on bandwagons and apply hacky fixes. Then we say we’re practicing “advanced SEO” because we know how to use noopener. Advanced SEO isn’t about scouring webmaster hangouts, applying the latest Google patches, and then calling it a day. You want to be “advanced”? Understand five principles: Read More...

New Data Shows How Much SEOs are Charging for Services in 2019
A study on digital marketing pricing shows how much SEO consultants and agencies are charging for their services in 2019. Credo published the findings of a pricing survey that was completed by 271 marketing agencies and consultants. The goal of the survey was to discover what the industry average is for digital marketing services, specifically within the US and UK. Read More...

Google’s new Currents app is its enterprise replacement for Google+
Now that Google+ is history, today, Google unveiled what will be offered to G Suite users in its place: Currents. The new app “enables people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.” Read More...

LinkedIn Gives SEO Tips for Boosting Visibility of Company Pages
LinkedIn has published a series of SEO tips for getting company pages found in search engines. If your LinkedIn page isn’t ranking as well as desired, consider these suggestions to boost its visibility. Read More...

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