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SEO This Week Episode 114 - Google Deindexing, Image SEO, Backlinks

Welcome to Episode 114 of SEO This Week! This week we have a bunch of interesting stories for you so how about we jump right in to what we are covering.

We kick off the show with some interesting tips to image SEO and how to leverage all those unique images to perhaps get a little traffic. We examine 9 creative strategies to promote your websites, how to do an SEO audit, and an AMA from Jerry West.

Then we close out the show with a peice on using Python to automate the Google URL inspection tool and Google's recent issues causing the deindexing of sites on a rather large scale.

The Complete Guide to SEO for Images
Image optimization SEO isn’t what it used to be. Google is no longer like a toddler you can entertain with a picture book with basic words. Oh no, we’re dealing with a sophisticated teenager, who not only wants a deeper meaning but also to experience the thrill of speed. And your photos better be, like, cool Gucci or else, bye Felicia. Read More...

How to Promote Your Blog in 2019: 9 Creative Strategies
Whether your blog is brand new or already established, you can never have enough traffic. If you’re stuck coming up with new ideas for how to promote your blog, here are 9 tried-and-tested tactics that have worked for us. Read More...

How to do an SEO audit
Fairly often we hear business owners and marketing teams tell us “we’re looking to invest in our organic growth but don’t know where to start” or “we’ve seen a drop in our organic traffic but don’t know how to get it back.” If this is you, you’re in luck because today I’m going to teach you how to do an SEO audit for your website so you can tackle it. Read More...

Are Linkless Backlinks the Real Future?
Since the first days of internet search, Google has leveraged links as a method of assessing the reputation, relevance, and credibility of online web pages. Generally, the more links pointing to a specific website or page, especially links that came from high-ranking web pages, the better that site or page would rank in Google search.Read More...

Danny Sullivan on ORM
If anyone feels a site has exploitative removal practices, they can submit to have pages reviewed and removed from Google. See the help page here; see how you would also fill out the form.… Read More...

“Ask Me Anything” With Jerry [SEO & BEER PODCAST]
Nothing is off limits for this AMA. And I mean nothing. We’ve got your answers. Read More...

How I optimized a new health & wellness website (and outranked Amazon and iHerb)
Is it difficult to rank a brand new website? It all depends on the niche, you may say. In this case study, you will learn how Peeyush Dubey and his SEO team worked on a completely new website in the competitive health and wellness niche and achieved impressive search visibility within only 10 months. Read More...

What’s The Limit On Google’s Live Inspection Tool?
Last year Google launched the beta of the new Google Search Console, but when it first launched it was pretty empty. By June they had added one of the features I now use most often in it, the URL Inspection tool. It allows you to quickly see details as to how Google’s crawling, indexing and serving a page, request that Google pulls a ‘live’ version of the page and request that it’s (re)indexed: Read More...

How to Automate the URL Inspection Tool with Python & JavaScript
In Reorganizing XML Sitemaps with Python for Fun & Profit, I covered how to reorganize XML sitemaps to isolate indexing problems. Let’s say you followed that process and now you have dozens of important URLs that are not indexed and you need to understand, in aggregate, the main causes of your indexing issues. In this column, we are going to learn something really exciting! Read More...

Google’s de-indexing issue still not fully resolved but Google is working on it
Yesterday Google said it fully resolved the de-indexing issue that started on Thursday afternoon. But now Google is saying it is not fully resolved just yet and Google is still working on reprocessing a lot of the URLs that were delisted from their index on Friday. Google suspects the issue should be resolved shortly and will provide another update when Google know it is fully resolved. Read More...

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