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SEO This Week Episode 112 - Killed Features and EComm SEO

Welcome to Episode 112 of SEO This Week!

This week we are taking a look at the big controversy over the use of next/prev in your pages and if you've been wasting your time making them. We are looking at some optimization tips for e-commerce SEO that will help you compete. We're sharing an updated post on how to build out PBN's properly and we look at some link building methods Google says are dead.

All this and more on SEO This Week Episode 112!

The Rise of On-Page SEO Tools: Pushing the Frontiers of SEO & Content
The last two years have seen a rise of tools that are doing keyword specific competitive research for you. Statistical analysis has never been easier — or faster.New SEO tools use statistical analysis to understand what all those websites on Page 1 have in common – and for which ranking factors your website is deficient. You now get a list of statistical relevant optimizations to make. Read More...

PBNs in 2019 – Do they still work? Rankings to Show
I always get emails from potential clients asking about PBNs and whether or not they still work in today's day and age. The last time I did one of these updates was back in 2017, which you can find here. However, I decided to do a little test with one of my sites to see how it reacts to PBNs in 2019. During this test, I decided to try and improve 6 keywords by pointing 1 PBN link to each. Below are the results, most of the results were positive however there are a few that had little improvement. This could be due to the competitiveness of the niche or that it may need a little more time to pass the link juice onto that keyword. Read More...

Multilingual SEO: A Guide to URL Structure
International and multilingual SEO is arguably one of the more challenging disciplines within the SEO remit. This is shown by the number of websites that have hreflang mistakes, as well as the number of common misconceptions being implemented. While there are decisions to make over which languages and countries to target, taking into account wider business factors, there are technical decisions that need to be made – one of which being the international setup of your URL structures. Read More...

#Google Webmaster Hangouts Notes – 22 March 2019
This is the first part of the notes from March 22nd. You can find the full video below and the timestamps of the answers are in the brackets. Read More...

The 2019 Analysis of SEO for Local Marketing
Because we will be comparing results from all our articles in this series to look at what's happening in SEO as a whole with later articles we write.Plus, it's a great read to understand the foundation of what we are talking about when it comes to link building, anchors, content, keywords, domain age, and so much more. Read More...

John Mueller Discusses Links that Google Ignores
In a Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question related to link building. John Mueller’s answer gave a peek into a little known part of Google’s algorithm that handles links. Read More...

Google webspam report: Hacked sites, user-generated spam, bad linking topped 2018 priorities
Google released its annual webspam report last week to highlight advances against content that seeks to manipulate ranking algorithms and harm users. The company is also calling on webmasters, developers, and users to utilize its resources to prevent and report such content. Read More...

Google’s rel=prev/next Messaging: Nothing Has Changed
Google keeps saying the same thing over and over again regarding their communication around the rel=prev/next blunder. Simply that nothing has changed, to do pagination just like you always have been doing and that is it. Read More...

Edge SEO for eCommerce: How to Spend Less for Faster SEO Implementation
eCommerce companies trying to improve their SEO often run into a host of bottlenecks that get in the way. Read More...

Visual Analysis Series: SEO Growth or Business Decline? eCommerce Edition
Data visualization is a powerful tool in the hands of those who try to answer the right question. For some it might be pretty pictures, others might build charts for the sake of it. For us, it’s something that should move minds in the right direction. Read More...

How Much Content Is Too Much for eCommerce Pages? Google Weighs In.
If there's one lesson that’s stayed consistent with digital marketers over the years, it’s that content is king. However, this rule often gets misinterpreted as more content is needed on your web pages when this isn’t always the case. This is especially true for most eCommerce websites. Read More...

Your best page for SEO is not the product page
Any seasoned online store owner knows the importance of SEO for their store; countless handbooks, guides and courses have been hammering that in for years. Focus on SEO = grow your business. Chances are, your eCommerce site has a pretty good SEO score overall: you’ve got that alt text, that meta description and that title length on point and ready to bring in your dream user. But there is something you are probably not focusing on as much: category pages.

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