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SEO This Week Episode 111 - Updates, Tools, SEO Tips

Welcome to another episode of SEO This Week! Episode 111 brings us a couple tools to help your SEO efforts. We take a look at some articles about combining SEO with other marketing efforts. And we take a look at some tips from Google, along with their latest update.


A Pinch Of SEO Tied To Paid SearchNearly 40% of small businesses rely on an SEO strategy in 2019, but many also use paid search. About 60% of those with an SEO strategy said they also invest in paid search, up from 16% in 2018. Read More...

Google: Invalid URLs Should Return 404s, not 5XX Server Errors
An invalid URL should return a 404 error so it’s clear to Google that the URL does not belong to a particular site. A 5XX error doesn’t send that kind of signal. Read more

Why Conversion Mapping and SEO Go Hand in Hand
You cannot achieve that without visibility into the activity of each visitor to your site, including and especially your leads. It’s why conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization are so closely related. At the end of the day, you cannot have one without the other. Read More

269 Best Blog Niche List That Drive Traffic and Make Money
Avoid blogging burn out by choosing a blog niche you love, not a blog. Best profitable blogging Niche ideas that are guaranteed to be popular and get good traffic and Make good money? Explore which is the best topic (niche) to blog about? Get the blog niche list, Strategy, Mistakes and 18 Income Report Examples. Read More...

Google Names The 3/12 Update The “March 2019 Core Update”
Read more

Excel Fuzzy Lookup for SEO: Effortless 404 and site migration redirects
The tool, which allows fuzzy matching of pretty much any set of data, represents a flexible solution for cutting down manual redirects for 404 not-found pages and website migrations. Read More...

Local Link Building for SEO – Tactics & Insights from Local SEO Experts

Have Search Engine Evaluators Manually Reviewed Your Site? Find Out Now…
Did you know Google has an army of search engine evaluators ready to manual review (and penalise) your website? Read More...

#Google Webmaster Hangouts Notes – 8 March 2019
You can find the answers to the SEO community questions below with the timestamps from the video. And here is the full video of Google Webmaster Hangouts from March 8th: Read More...

AMA: Bill Hartzer: March 19 at 11am CST / 4pm GMT I’ll be here to answer your questions about SEO Audits, researching/buying/selling Domain Names, or raising chickens and goats. Ask Me Anything!

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