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Site Audit

Stone Lounge in Bellevue, WA

View our site audit process and then get one done for your website.  We do these videos for free!  We also have a more detailed site audit, feel free to contact us for more information!

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Site Audit Quick Insights for Stone Lounge

  • Focus on conversions – the home page needs calls to action, there is nothing there to generate a phone call or visit from the searcher who is typically walking around the area looking on a mobile phone for a place to eat.
  • Rankings Are Primed – Site is ranking for a lot of terms already, however, they are not on the first page for a lot of the most valuable terms.  They really could use an SEO Marketing Plan in order to boost those pages.
  • The website needs to do a better job of showing what the place is about and what you really offer.  Since you are focusing on four very specific target audiences they need to create pages for each of those business areas, the one-page homepage with lightbox pop-up is not cutting.
  • Citations are showing different business names which could eventually hurt the branding of the business should someone else target the same name.
  • New pages on the website to target the specific business areas will open up a lot more opportunities to keep the seats full and the bar flowing.
  • Galleries are for photographers, highlight your facilities all over your site and entice people to actually want to come in when they have never heard of your business before.
  • Off page – time to get some more backlinks, I would recommend starting with some high DA and local relevant citations.  You'll get the ranking boost from the backlinks, as well as, get the increased exposure in your market area by being listing on those more local directory sites.
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Stone Lounge

Do You Want Us To Audit Your Site?

We offer a free site audit (what you see in the video) and a much more in-depth site audit.

If you would like us to audit your website just leave us a request on our Contact Us page.