Site Audit: Gentle Wellness Center

Site Audit

Gentle Wellness Center in Santa Monica

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Site Audit Quick Insights for Gentle Wellness Center

  • Focus on conversions – the home page needs better calls to action
  • Rankings Are Primed – Site is ranking for a lot of terms already, however, they are not on the first page for a lot of the most valuable terms.  They really could use an SEO Marketing Plan in order to boost those pages.
  • H1 tags – There is a set of H1 tags in the theme that are replicating the same thing on every page of the site, that needs to be removed
  • Meta Descriptions – All of them are empty on the site and need to be filled out for relevance and a call to action for the search listings.
  • Content organization – They are doing a great job posting twice a week on their site, however, they are not leveraging keyword optimization on the pages properly to generate traffic from those efforts.
  • Internal Linking – Leverage internal linking on your blog posts, this will boost your money pages and reduce your dependence on outside link sources.
  • Make a new page for Los Angeles Wellness Center to go after that market specifically.

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