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Site Audit

Complete Dentistry

View our site audit process and then get one done for your website.  We do these videos for free!  We also have a more detailed site audit, feel free to contact us for more information!

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Site Audit Quick Insights for Complete Dentistry

  • Focus on conversions – the home page needs better calls to action.  Click To Call or more pronounce “Call Today for an Appointment” would do great on this site.  Don't leave it up to the user to figure out what to do.  Fix the phone number in the header, make it click to call, that way mobile users won't have to search around the website looking for it.
  • Rankings Are Primed – Site is ranking for a lot of terms already, however, they are not on the first page for a lot of the most valuable terms.  They really could use an SEO Marketing Plan in order to boost those pages.
  • H1 tags – There is a set of H1 tags in the theme that are replicating the same thing on every page of the site, that needs to be removed
  • Meta Descriptions – Most of them are empty on the site and need to be filled out for relevance and a call to action for the search listings.
  • Internal Linking – Leverage internal linking on your blog posts, this will boost your money pages and reduce your dependence on outside link sources.  There are some pages that are linking to pages that no longer exist or were moved and redirected.  On a site, we like to take care of that and not rely on 301's, this will greatly enhance the structure of the site and reduce the need for significant off page factors.
  • Title Tags – Remember that the first impression is probably the most important, especially on the internet with a tech savvy audience.  Update your title tags to present a more professional and cohesive impression in the search results.
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Do You Want Us To Audit Your Site?

We offer a free site audit (what you see in the video) and a much more in-depth site audit.

If you would like us to audit your website just leave us a request on our Contact Us page.