Stop Eating Your Traffic and Budget (Here’s How)

3 Ways You’re Cannibalizing Your Traffic and Budget (and How to Stop)

Optimizing your ROI is an endless process when it comes to PPC. There’s always room for testing, experimenting, and fine-tuning.

But sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees. You run so many activities that they eventually start cannibalizing each other.

Three of the most frequent types of mistakes are:

1. Geotargeting Overlap
Local PPC is an evergreen advertising technique.

Many advertisers think it’s relevant only for local businesses, but it’s not; you should keep the local data in mind even when you advertise online products and services not connected to any location. Read more…


Our Insights: 

Online marketing is indeed complex, there are hundreds of different approaches to optimizing your ROI. However, there are times where your “old SEO habits” is costing you your budget and profit. Search Engine Journal created an informative piece on how you can maximize your budget and boost your profit.

It seems Search Engine Journal dug deep into the average cost per click. There are a ton of advertisers who are only targeting the local businesses for conversion purposes, but the research shows that when dealing with online services, it's a BIG mistake to focus only in the locals.

In the different areas of online marketing, such as online education and online marketing, the CPC greatly varies from one state to another. It's the same thing with digital marketing agencies.

In a nutshell, geotargeting should be taken seriously – it should be smart. If not, you could potentially be burning your marketing budget without seeing any results.

Undeniably, winning the digital marketing game requires a lot of research and strategic planning. If there's one thing you don't want to happen to you when you're practicing your field, it's cannibalizing your own traffic and budget.

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